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edorr808 12 Sep 2007 10:32

definitive guide to where to get visas and insurance in W.Africa
Do any of you pro veterans out there have a definitive guide of where to buy visas and insurance as you go down the west side of Africa. Perhaps on word or excel. This is a bit of a long shot, but I am a sucker for preparation. If not, I will have to make mine a lot better.

I have been compiling a list based on the information on this website and other sources, but it is a little scrappy and not too clear.

I am going to the following countries in (hopefully) this order:
1. Morrocco
2. Mauritania
3.Western Sahara
4. Senegal
5. Mali
6. Burkina Faso
7. Ghana
8. Niger
9. Nigeria
10. Cameroon
11. gabon
12. Congo
13., DRC
14. Angola
15. Zambia
16. Tanzania
17. Mozambique
18. SA
19. Botswana
20. Namibia
21. SA

It would be great to have a list of where to get visas and insurance in each country and for which countries you can get them for there. Their addresses and directions to them.

I imagine though that this a tall order. I will do a similar list when I leave myself.



darren_m 12 Sep 2007 11:11

Hi Ed. I cant help you with a list or anything of such, But when are you planning on leaving, As im planning on dooing a similar route next year.Id planned on leaving at end of August 08.From Edinburgh

But this may change a little as im still researching weather conditions etc at the moment, As im traveling alone Id rather get the timing right.Than be stuck somewhere in the rainy season, or scorching heat, sand storms etc.

Would be happy to exchange the information i have at the moment with you.

Cheers. Darren

Rebaseonu 12 Sep 2007 13:18

Get a guidebook about the countries you are planning to vist. Rough Guide to West Africa is a good start, then another for Southern Africa (Lonely Planet). The info about embassies is all there plus tons more.

Frank Warner 14 Sep 2007 05:22

Get 'Africa Overland' ... has embasies and routes .. 'my' copy is browed from the library due back in 3 weeks ..

I'd suggest
4. Angola
15. Namibia (so you can service the bike - get tyres)
16 possibly SA .. if you need to get better tyres/service.
17 Botswana
18 Zambia
19. Tanzania
20. Mozambique
21. SA
22 Losweto (sp!?)

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