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MillsRoadsurfer 28 Jan 2003 14:25

Custum troubles in Peru, advice needed!
I left my Tenere in Lima, after a 6 month trip around South America. In november this year I have planned another trip, but by that time my bike has been in Peru forover 1 year. I only got the normal 3 month temp import permit. The bike is regristered in The Netherlands. What are my options? Any Ideas?

Frank on AT 28 Jan 2003 17:15

If you have someone in Peru, let him bring the bike over to La Paz - Bolivia (he can go back by bus). In Bolivia you get normally a 6 month permit. So when bike is here I might bring it over once to Peru and back. I need for that your papers and a permission of you with a copy of passport.


peterkik 29 Jan 2003 13:23


I had the same 'problem' in Burkina Faso. I left my bike in Ouaga for a year and then returned to travel on. I entered Burkina on a three months Laissez Passer (temp. import permit). Because I was traveling on to countries for which I needed a Carnet I had a Carnet with me when I returned to Burkina.

I was a bit worried how I could get the Carnet stamped with the bike already in the country. So I went to the nearest (very small) bordertown first, but the man from customs did not want to stamp the carnet...:-(
Next option was customs at the airport in Ouagadougou. I went in, showed them the Carnet and said a had a serious problem: i didn't know how to get this carnet stamped, and ask him for help. He then invited me for tea and called in all the man who never saw a carnet before. The Big BOss himself then showed all how to fill in a Carnet and told them about the procedure. When finished he thanked me and in less the half an hour I was out of Ouaga again with my bike officially in the country.

I never had to use the story i prepared that I had to leave Burkina because of family problems in Holland. I think you best just go to Customs at Lima airport and tell the truth about the situation but with a good (made up) story on why you had to leave Peru and, seriously, ask them for help. Keep smiling and act helpless. You probably will get a new permit (or a Carnet stamped) with a little hassle and maybe some money.

Good Luck


chris 30 Jan 2003 01:11

my suggestion:
similar to what peter suggested above: go to lima police and say your wallet (including bike temporary import permit) was stolen. get a police report. of course your dutch bike papers and passport were in your hotel safe...

at the border present the usual documents and the police report. smile a lot, act confused and be prepared hang around and to possibly pay a 'processing fee'. i found peruvian customs and immigration to be pretty cool.

after all, you'll be leaving the country with your vehicle, so they shouldn't care that much.

good luck,
ps. how easy is it to manually change the importation date from 2002 to 2003?

t0by 4 Feb 2003 18:23

Alternatively, leave Peru via the north side of Lake Titicaca heading for Bolivia.

There's nothing there when you leave Peru. Just a bunch of army guys playing football.

And only a very inefficient custom's guy on the Bolivia side. Sort out your import papers for Bolivia with him, or you will have to go the Aduana in El Alto (La Paz).

Robb McElroy 22 Feb 2003 22:54

[QUOTE]Originally posted by MillsRoadsurfer:
[B]I left my Tenere in Lima...

I plan to do the same thing in a month or two. Where did you leave it? Or can anyone assist with a place to store my R100GS in Peru or Ecuador for 6 months?

MillsRoadsurfer 24 Feb 2003 23:22

Thanks for all the advice,

I'm currently working on a sollution with the peruvian(?)embassy. If this doesn't work out I will probably cross on a small border(Lake Titicaca)to Bolivia. And regrister there. I stored my bike at the South American Explorers Club in Lima, and became a member. for details check out www.samexplo.org..

Thanks for your reaction,


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