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goncalomata 19 Jul 2007 05:07

Crossing from Mexico into USA - do I need insurance? Can I get it at the border?
Thanks for any tip on that.

acash8668 19 Jul 2007 05:58

Usa Insurance
Each state has it's own laws on this. here in Ca, liability is mandatory, however there is no check at the border. If you get stopped by the cops, they will ask for your registration and licence. They should ask for insurance but often do not. However, if you fail to provide it they can impound the bike.There are no insurance shops at the border, so it means finding an insurance agent or buying online. Without a us licence and address it's difficult

Sjoerd Bakker 19 Jul 2007 13:59

insurance required
It is safe to say that having third party liability insurance is a requirement in Anglo-america in every state and province that I am aware of. Failure to have such insurance is considered an offence, even if you are not involved in a collision and can get you into severe legal problems.Anytime a policeman stops you the first question will be to see your license and insurance.
I have seen on the Mexican side of the border approaching Texas and California various advertising bilboards selling insurance for Mexicans heading into the USA. Your best bet is to seek out one of those companies while in Mexico. Once you are on the US side I imagine it will be much more difficult as the US companies want to have a safe low risk clientele, preferrably long time residents.. Or speak to your familiar insurance agents before you leave home.
Since you are from Portugal but at this time in Mexico (?) do a google .com.mx search under "seguros para E.E.U.U." and you will find many such agencies selling the insurance you require.

mollydog 19 Jul 2007 19:17

No paper work required at all for your bike,

Lone Rider 20 Jul 2007 00:52

As stated, the US States require lisbility insurance. I have no idea whether or not a 'document' from a non-US insurance company could even be verified by a city, county or state officer.

Mounties in CN can verify with the US. I was pulled a couple of years ago while running mach I and didn't have proof of insurance. He spent a little time communicating with 'somebody' via radio or phone and did verify that I had coverage.

ScottM 20 Jul 2007 08:36

We had nothing
We crossed the border from Mexico to US and asked about Insurance.
This was late 2005. They didnt check any of our luggage, and told us to be careful, get insurance if you get stopped. That was about it. We had more trouble leaving the Mexico side of the border because our Spanish was poor and they would not speak English to us.
If its a bother to you by all means search it out. But we were allowed on our way even after asking where to get it.

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