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MAXVERT 28 Nov 2007 03:10

China Visas
Greetings HUBBers,
I plan on entering western China in late August or early September after
riding east from Europe.
How does one go about getting an entrance visa for China and how long
does it take to receive said visa.
I'll be touring Europe for a few months before leaving for the east. Will it be possible to get one there or should I have one inhand before I leave the U.S.
Thanks for any help.
Twist It MAX

RichLees 29 Nov 2007 08:38

if you're taking a foreign bike, that's the big deal. once you've cracked that, the visa should be straightforward for anyone in their home country

I was planning to go that way this year so found out the following from Wayne: email (xistinfo) at (yahoo.com.cn)

"we are able to help arranging the neccessary permit for you to drive your own motorbike from Kyrgstan to Pakistan. It will take us about 45 days to get the neccessary permit for you." approx $1000 per bike for 5 days in country, 1 day off in Kashgar

To Drive a Foreign-Licensed Vehicle into China

For permits and licenses what we need for each vehicle:
- 1 photo (color) of each vehicle (front, side, rear views with printable image size at 3inches x 5inches or 8cm x 13cm)
- 1 photo (color) of the vehicle regstriation license
- 1 photo of Automobile Safety & Technical Inspection Certificates
- 1 passport-sized photo (color) of each vehicle driver
- photocopy of driver's license (grayscale)
- photocopy of driver's passport identification page (grayscale or color)

Other information we need:
- vehicle frame serial number
- engine serial number
- vehicle make, model, year, engine size and type (eg. petrol, diesel)
- unloaded vehicle weight
- vehicle color(s)

You should be able to scan and email all images and documents. Please be sure that each image printable size is the same as noted above. Also, please limit the size of image file to 500 kilobytes or less.

We need the following information from each person in the party:
- Name
- Citizenship
- Date of birth
- Passport #
- Sex
- Passport issue date
- Passport expiration date
- Occupation

- We also need a photocopy-quality image (grayscale) of each participant's passport (id page).
- Also include as detailed an itinerary as possible including dates of entry and exit, port of entry into China , where you will exit China , and where you will travel to in China .

Our guide will meet you at Torugart Pass, the border of China and Kyrgystan, and lead you to Kashgar. On the exit date, our guide will meet you at Taxkurgan and help you to exit the Custom.
Best regards

Bjorn 6 Jan 2008 20:22


Interesting & very detailed post - Thanks RichLees. I take it this means they don't need a visa at the time of applying for the vehicles – right?

Maxvert: Have you found out anything else about the Chinese visa? I will be doing a similar trip as you: Europe for a few months, then hook up with my travel mate in Turkey around June. We haven't decided the route yet, but I'm keen on the Stans – particularly Tajikistan.
I've got the same concerns as you: where can I get the chinese visa from, whilst being on the road. Apparently it has to be activated no later than 3 months after the issue date.

Has anyone here managed to get the Chinese visa outside their home country – if so: where? And how long did it take to process the visa application?


MAXVERT 8 Jan 2008 19:48

China Visas
Thanks for the replies.
It appears that it is easiest to get a visa for travel in China in your
home country. There are many companies who will do the visa application
process for you and send you the visa. Some of these offer express service,
which gets it to you in just a few days. The visas start on the day of issue,
at least that is what the Chinese Embassy web site in the U.S. says.
Since I will not be crossing into China for three to four months after I leave
the U.S. I will apply for a multiple entry, one year visa which should cover
my planned entry and exit dates.
I'm still not clear about where to apply for the bike transit permit, but it
has been done several times. So I think this can be taken care of in
Mongolia or the Stans.
The travel permit for travel into Tibet can only be obtained inside China
and a good friend who guides trips there, says any Chinese travel company can get them for you.
I think our chances of getting into and riding through China are pretty good.
Twist it MAX


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