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Werner Zwick 24 Mar 2000 18:50

Chile customs
after travelling Patagonia I left my bike in Chile. My customs papers say, that the bike has to leave by May 30, 2000. I just applied to customs to allow the bike to stay in the country for 9 month.

I wouldn´t like to be treated like Hoefi from Switzerland. He ended up in jail when entering Chile last year because they had messed up their papers when he travelled through Chile a couple of years before, and thought he had illegally sold his bike then.

I would like to know if anybody has first hand experience how customs in Chile might react on my request.

Thanks, and see you at the Tesch Treffen


Arlen Aas 11 Aug 2000 09:00

Any luck on this? I want to do the same but cant contact Werner....

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