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everson65 23 Nov 2011 22:41

Cheap motorcycle insurance for Argentina (and other MercoSur countries)
I had a hell of a time tracking down reliable information on where to obtain insurance for Argentina after arriving yesterday from Chile. I never did purchase insurance in Chile because I couldn´t get an answer as to whether or not it was actually required. I ended up not buying it and was never asked. I do know for a fact though that insurance (seguro) is required in Argentina, Colombia, and Peru. The insurance I ended up buying covers all of the mentioned countries (I believe, but ask when buying just to be certain).

I left Osorno, Chile and took the route that brought me into Bariloche, Argentina. I was not asked for proof of insurance at the border and I also did not see anyone selling any at the border crossing. Immediately upon reaching Bariloche I started searching for insurance because I do not need to give the already corrupt police here in Argentina another reason to hit me up for a bribe.

Anyways, it turns out that most insurance companies are not able to sell insurance unless your motorcycle is registered in Argentina or you are an Argentinian citizen. Eventually using the HUBB forum I found a company called ATM in Buenos Aires, called them but since I was not in B. Aires they couldn´t directly issue me the insurance, but they quoted me a price of 60 pesos for one month of coverage which is significantly cheaper than all other places that I checked (because they deal strictly with motorcycles). They also gave me the name of the office in Bariloche to buy the insurance. The office is co-located with Zanella Patagonia motorcycle shop. The information on google maps is wrong so below is the correct address and telephone number. By the way, when I arrived at Zanella the insurance only ended up costing me 48 pesos! Thats $12 USD for one month. Not bad. They also speak English at the Bariloche office. It took about 5 minutes to get in and out. The insurance covers the other persons injuries and damage to their automobile. Does not cover you or your motorcycle.

Contact info for Bariloche
Zanella (ATM Seguro)
phone: 02944-424754
email: zanellapatagonia@gmail.com
Located at the corner of Rolando and Gallardo in a big red building

Contact info for Buenos Aires which is the main office
ATM Seguro
phone: 0810 3456 286 (toll free)
email: atmotos@oaseatm.com.ar

Mikel.Gurbindo 26 Nov 2011 17:04

Im traveling around SAmerica with ATM insurance and no problem at all; cheap and easy to do.

clax 26 Jun 2012 05:21

great, thanx for the info. was there an option to get insuranca that would cover your bike as well?


clax 26 Jun 2012 06:02


Originally Posted by Mikel.Gurbindo (Post 357238)
Im traveling around SAmerica with ATM insurance and no problem at all; cheap and easy to do.

Did I see your bike in Baños about 7 weeks about??

also, where did you guy your insurance? you have an email contact and what type of coverage do you have?


maja 26 Jun 2012 10:27

When you get your insurance at the ATM office it is most important to tell them that you also need full Mercusor? cover, this is a green form with all of the countries covered listed on it and costs no more. The plastic card that ATM gives you is only valid in Argentina. Ride safe.

Turborob 21 Jan 2014 14:03

Thanks to the OP for the post, and accurate info.:thumbup1:

Information still accurate today, and is 66 pesos for 30 days. Still spoke English.

wolfandzebra 23 Jan 2014 16:38

Thanks for the info. This will prove very helpful when we get there.

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