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Brett Dean 18 Nov 2003 11:05

Central Asian Visas
This is a free plug for a bloke who was really helpful on our London to Tokyo trip (Feb/ Sep 2003) in arranging visas for the Stans. His name is David Berghof. He runs a travel agency in the region, but is more than happy to help out independant travlers just wanting visa support. Good bloke as well. When we needed an address to ship in new tyres from Australia to Almaty we had them sent to his home address. Not bad back up support!!! If nothing else he is a great source of information on the Stans.
Email Address is <stantours@gmx.net>
Also got a web site www.stantours.com
If anyone wants more information feel free to email

[This message has been edited by Brett Dean (edited 18 November 2003).]

[This message has been edited by Brett Dean (edited 18 November 2003).]

pietro.spera 18 Nov 2003 16:19

In summer 2003 we rode our motorbike from Tashkent to Italy and we had the assistance of Stantours at the border UZ/TM and for the ferry Turkmenbashi/Baku across the Caspian Sea.
I confirm the perfect and very professional assistance we had from this agency.
I met David in Tashkent and his assistant Oleg in TM, and they are very nice guys.

usl 18 Nov 2003 23:12

By pure chance i got in touch with him and it was about Uzbekistan visa.

I can proceed with confidence from now on.

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