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El Aleman - Jens 16 Dec 2006 21:29

Central America - Insurance for motorcycles - please !
Hi guys, We are travelling with motorcycles from Panama City to USA and want to insure the bikes for the trip. Is it possible to get an insurance in Panama for all the countries? Or do we have to buy insurances at the borders???

Thanks for your help - Jens
Leaving 28 th of December from Panama City

El Aleman - Jens 17 Dec 2006 19:24

Please help - Insurance for Central America wanted
Any idea about insurance in Central America?

Thanks - Jens

Sjoerd Bakker 18 Dec 2006 17:54

insurance for Central America
Jens, check the posts in answer to an other post on this by Crido. As you are still in Worms and unable to find a local supplier of such insurance try the Motorcycle Express folks as suggested by Grant or you could contact Sanborns Insurance in Texas and buy your insurance from them online ( www.sanbornsinsurance.com). That way you would be covered when you start your northward trip from Panama.
Sanborns specialise in Mexico insurance and sell it over the net . They also handle insurance for Central America and probably sell that online too so you should be able to arrange this while still in Germany.

The_Couch 14 Feb 2007 20:00

I´ve just bought a KTM Duke 640, intending to ride from here in Panama to Canada. Just called Sanborns, and they don´t issue insurance to motorcycles registered in Panama. Motorcycle Express don´t issue insurance to Australian citizens. A little stuck for ideas, what´d you come up with?

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