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MetusUK 14 Jan 2008 22:25

Carnets - Pulling my hair out at all the contradicting info.
Right, allow me to be frank at the commencement, I'd rather not get a Carnet unless I absolutely positively have to; so I would like to ask for people to give me the final word on the Carnet requirements for the countries I'm planning on going through.... If one or two of them need Carnets, and I can go round them, if I cant or there are loads, I'll be forced to buy one.

ADAC says I don't need Carnets to the countries except Senegal, AIT says different. Those people have been through the following countries WITH/WITHOUT Carnets please let me know.

For those that HAVE been WITHOUT Carnets please tell me how much the laissez-passe was.


Many thanks, Nick

juddadredd 15 Jan 2008 04:03

Erm Call the guy at the R.A.C if you want the very LAST WORD.


Ronnie79 15 Jan 2008 11:25

Confusing carnets
I'm having the same problem, heading for Ghana next christmas.

If you ask RAC they will give a different answer from ADAC in Germany and if you ask Motormannen (the motororganisation in Sweden) they give you yet another answer!
Why is that?! And according to my experiance on my travels none of them are right! If you look it up at Wikipedia there is also another answer.
And the difference can be huge, one organisation clames that you require carnet for example Sudan and another says that Sudan doesn't even accept Carnet!
It should not matter which country you buy the carnet, only the custom rules in the countris your about to travel in. Or did I miss something?:confused1:

Last year we drove Morocco-Gambia and the only country that asked for carnet was Senegal. According to wikipedia Senegal will now let you in from the north without one if you pay 80-100€... This time we will skip Senegal and go mali-burkina-Ghana without carnet, hope it doable. Ive heard that Gambia require carnet för RHD, but what's not a problem for me.


Niallo 15 Jan 2008 15:45

If you need it for 1 country - might as well get it for all of them...

Understand where you're coming re the carnets...

My 2 cents worth

If you have to get it for 1 country that you'll defo be traveling through - you might as well get it for all the countries you'll be going through. The cost of the deposit (unless you'll be going through Egypt or the like) will be the same. And you'll have a handy piece of paper to smoooooth your way through the border....

Good tread - as the info can be quite contradcting


Vaufi 15 Jan 2008 18:29

Niallo's right. A carnet isn't issued for a single country. It is valid for all countries requiring this document.

The only problem is to find out which country expects the highest deposit. The amount for South Africa eg. was for my bike € 3,000 but for Oz the amount was 1,500. So naturally I had to pay in the higher amount. I could have applied for a second carnet when leaving South Africa for Oz, but that would have been a huge hassle.

Redboots 15 Jan 2008 19:13

Here's a map of countries that are subscribed the Carnet de Passage:

Many Eyes: Countries that Require a Carnet

The countries that subscribe to the Carnet are listed in the Carnet itself.
If the the border authorities choose not to implement it or are ignorant of it, it just means you struck lucky... or are you supposed to request the carnet be stamped?.

I should think you should request it be stamped.


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