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llanelli 11 Nov 2003 15:39

Carnet-what if my bike is stolen?
I am taking out insurance for my carnet butI believe that this only insures the country will be paid the custom duty if the bike doesn't leave a certain country. What if the bike is stolen? Will the insurance company still chase me for the custom duty? If the bike is wrecked, do I need to ship it out?

usl 11 Nov 2003 21:58

Hi ;

From what i know :

In case its stolen, you should get all the necessary documents from the police and get it approved from your embassy.

In case its wrecked, its the same thing with photographs. And you dont have to take it out of the country.

This way you will be able to collect the security amount from your auto.ass.... But unfortunately nothing else, in case its not insured from a insurance company

mcdarbyfeast 11 Nov 2003 22:42

USL is right, all you need is a copy of the police report regarding the theft or accident or, as in some instances they won't give you a copy of the report, the report number, details of the officer who took the report and contact details. The photo idea if your bike get written off is also a good idea.

You won't need to export you written off bike.

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malmoerik 24 Nov 2003 17:18

Hi there.
I talked to TCS, the automobile club in Switzerland about this. Their reply was "Do NOT let your vehicle get stolen - EVER - it's gonna bring tons of problems..." Well thanks!
Anyway, they had heard of one incident where a guy got his 4x4 stolen and after an enourmous effort with the local authorities he finally managed to get the carnet-deposit back.

haggis 9 Jul 2012 18:45

Stolen bike and carnet. Is it worth the additional worry?
I'm pondering indemnity vs bank guarantee.
Bank guarantee will work out cheaper in long run but I'd be worried about if bike is stolen.

Does any one have real experience on this?

Surfy 11 Jul 2012 11:43

Don`t let them stole your bike or car!

The "worst case" is that you have to pay the import-tax!

This can be a completely fantasy price.

I take tunesia as sample:

There is a form, where you can calculate the import tax for your car (dont know if also for bike)



A Toyota Landcruiser V8 with a listprice of 60`000-70`000 Euro has an importax of 230`000 Euro. They stole your Landcruiser in Tunesia

Worst case is, that you cant leave tunesia, bevore the issuer of the carnet had pay the 230`000 Euro. You loose the caution, and have to pay back the difference when you are back at home.

Your insurance, if you have them - will replace the car/bike - so no worry there. But mostly NOT the import tax....

That is worst case.

Here are some german biker`s theyr Bikes got stolen: they had luck, and have only to pay a small bill.

(german language)
W├╝stenschiff • Thema anzeigen - Gestohlene Fahrzeuge

I think mostly you will find an solution, without to take "worst case", but that needs time and effort. So better look after your stuff :scooter:

As is start looking for insurance or so, everything looks after "no problem". Then i ask for this import task stuff, and they need a week for clear that up at carnet issuer and insurance: the importtax is your risk (tourinsurance.de, tcs)
So asks your insurance. When you found one who covers something like this: tell me - i want them!

Hint: I don`t found one sample of worst case in the internet. And only one case of stolen vehicle named above. So this risk is there, but not so big

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