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Roy Morgan 26 Dec 2011 10:52

Carnet and Temp. Importation of Malaysian Registered Bike
I have read with interest and appreciation of the level of detail expressed on this subject under "Trip Paperwork" laterand have taken the liberty to extract a quote, thus:
USA, Canada, Mexico and European countries do not require duty, Customs bond or Carnet to temporarily import personally-owned 'tourist' vehicles as long as they are re-exported within liberal timeframes, usually 6-12 months.

When bringing a bike in to any of these countries - and for that matter ANY country - it is important to be clear from the start that "I'm just travelling through to X, and looking forward to seeing your country" with a big smile. Period. NO questions about for instance; unquote

Can anyone confirm for me that this would apply to Norway a country that is not a member of the EU.

Has anyone any information on how I find out in advance how I can establish what is the normal maximum permitted duration of stay in Norway?

Does anyone know if the 6-12 months mentioned in the quote above is for the whole period of time in the EU or the maximum time in any one country?

Anyone who has the answers gets my thanks in advance

Regards to all

Roy Morgan:helpsmilie:

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