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IanJ 14 May 2007 05:17

Carnet required for South America
I'm very confused about whether a Carnet is required for an Alaska - Argentina trip. My earlier reading (including the info on the horizons pages http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/tri...er/index.shtml )

Indicated that a carnet was not required for any country in the Americas.

I just had a talk with our local motoring association (Australia NRMA) and they asked where I was going and they claimed that I would need a Carnet for Columbia only??

I then checked the AIT website and they show a listing of which countries a CDP is required

Public - Carnet de Passages en Douane

Columbia is one as well as several other countries Argentina Chile etc but they were not mentioned by the NRMA people

And finally I had a look at the Wikepedia entry for carnet de passage (Yes, I read it with a large grain of salt)

Carnet de Passage - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

They list countries where a CPD is required and countries where a CPD is accepted. What is the difference?

Can anyone write back about their on the ground experiences versus what is the official position.

Thanks for your help

Ian J

pslootmans 31 Jan 2008 21:14

hej ian,
justed posted same question ; i want to be sure of this, so they don't stop me entering South America because I don't have my Carnet de Passage.
hope somebody knows more ; maybe contacting the embassies could be a solution ? but between administration and reality might be a big difference.

beemerbird 31 Jan 2008 23:35

No carnet required

I've just ridden from Colombia, through Ecuador, Peru, Chile and into Argentina without a carnet. It is NOT required.

The Australian AAA are up on what's what, and I checked with them before I left home in August. Their website lists those countries for which the carnet is required.


gpothoven 1 Feb 2008 01:58

Correct. No Carnet required from Alaska to TDF.

frankkyboy 4 Feb 2008 02:48

I think this question is to frequently asked and deserve a VERY Clear answer......and sorry, I'm not the right one to give the answer , but I want to ask a more complete question.

Even if the answer is : NO you didn't need a carnet

for me the '' NEED '' word is not appropriate

that cant mean; if you don't have a carnet, even if the contry accepte it , the conthy will let you in, and ask you to pay a big amont of money for your bike.



beddhist 5 Feb 2008 01:58

Required means you can't bring a vehicle in without a carnet.

Accepted means you can use the carnet, but if you don't have one there are other procedures, which vary from country to country. Yes, it may mean to pay a fee or depositing large amounts of money.

The AIT website keeps getting quoted, but is useless, if you can get to it at all (I can't): it lists the countries which have signed the relevant treaty, so accept the carnet. Even European countries are in the list...

As for the Wikipedia info: it lives from the corrections made by people who have actually been there, so I encourage anybody to edit it, if they had an experience that differs from the page.

pslootmans 6 Feb 2008 15:47

Hej guys,
I just got a 'clear' (?) answer from the Belgian Automobile club...just copy it, but it is in Dutch

Geachte Mevrouw,
De carnet de passages en douane is verplicht in Chili, Argentinie en Peru maar niet in Bolivie.
Met vriendelijke groeten.
Laurence Janssens

which says it is obligatory in Chili, Argentinie and Peru, but not in Bolivia.

Anybody can follow all this ? Because I don't. Unfortunatly to be having not too many problems at arrival, I think i will have to go and get my 'Carnet'.

Will write her back, with the law which is stated here on HU and see what she says on it. Will come back on it

javkap 6 Feb 2008 16:51

Come on!!!! :nono:
What you will believe?
The carnets sealers or the people who was traveling around and never was asked for the Carnet????

gpothoven 6 Feb 2008 18:25

Every motoring association makes $$$ from selling you a Carnet. Their answer will always be that you need one. If it makes you happy, get one, but you have been told repeatedly it is not necessary. It will even be a pain in some remote crossings where the officials there have probably never seen one and will not know what to do with it.

sanderd 6 Feb 2008 18:50

hi there,

for my Alaska-TDF trip i requested the German ADAC motorclub for Carnet info. they also say it's required in some places in SA.

The actual price of a Carnet is only the administration costs. So for your own peace of mind, just get it.

I'm not sure yet what i will do yet. I think i just get it for two reasons: I if have a carnet i can go anywhere where i descide to.
two: i have some money left when i return ;-)


Walkabout 6 Feb 2008 18:58

Just as those actually in South America say................
.........It seems that all of those who provide Carnets, still want you to buy one, even when the rules have changed.

Scroll down slightly in here:-


Mr. Ron 7 Feb 2008 00:51


Originally Posted by javkap (Post 173085)
Come on!!!! :nono:
What you will believe?
The carnets sealers or the people who was traveling around and never was asked for the Carnet????

Save your money guys! You do not need a carnet in Any of the Americas. Tried, tested and true! If you really want to throw away some money, give it to charity. ;)

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