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hanleyalan 30 Jun 2001 02:59

Carnet for Tunisia/Algeria/Niger?
Hi Folks,anyone know the requirements regarding a carnet for these countries and any other related facts.
Greatly appreciated.
Anyone heading that way this Nov./Dec.?

Susan Johnson 19 Aug 2001 04:43


Is it Hanley Alan or Alan Hanley?

You don't require a carnet for Tunisia, entry from France is quite straightforward. Algeria is a different story, and just getting in will be a challenge. Not sure re Niger. - see the Sahara Forum or post the query there.

Good luck.

Susan Johnson
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Gonzalo 8 Sep 2001 03:02

No carnet required for Tunisia, Algeria or Niger.

Yes... Go to www.sahara-overland.com and take at a look at Chris Scotts survery of each country. If you read his report on his Algeria 2000 motorcade you will find a detailed description of entry procedures for both Tunisia and Algeria. For Algeria most all need a visa -and patience.

I´m going to Algeria in Dec. 2001 so maybe see you there.


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