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pil 3 Apr 2001 16:27

Carnet for Thailand
We are now 16 weeks from departure [UK-OZ]and have contacted in AA [UK] to purchase a carnet, they say we don't need one for Thailand, Laos and Malaysia. Is this correct? Is there anyone currently in S.E.Asia that can verify this?

mika 4 Apr 2001 12:47


I am just about to leave SE Asia after five months. OK. Best is to have a carnet in SE Asia and to show it at the borders, mine was even stamped into Vietnam. Five days ago I met a Brit and he imported his bike on Bkk airport without a carnet, they stamped it into his passport, but for Malaysia he used the carnet.
Take the carnet from home and use it, even if it is not valid for the country, if you have enough pages and if you don't want to sell the bike over here.
Greetings from KL, and if you need more informations about border crossing just send me an email.



Carl 4 Apr 2001 23:30

We were there last year June 2000. The bike
was flown in through Penang. The Carnet was definitely required. At the Sedao (sp?) border Thai officials refused to sign and stamp the Carnet. My mate holds a Malaysian passport which may have made the difference.
When we went to fly the bike out of Bangkok, after some miserable happenings, there was no way that they would have shipped the bike out without the Carnet. You can also e-mail me for lots of info on the subject.

Happy Trails,

David and Cheryl Laing 8 Apr 2001 16:26

Malaysia and Singapore are definates for needing a carnet. We also used one for Cambodia. This is our 3rd time here in Thailand on this trip. Twice we were able to sign Thai customs papers, but they only last a month, and then it can be a hassle to have them extended, but this time they insisted on a carnet, even though officially Thailand has not signed the agreement to be part of the carnet. This is the same as has happened to other bikers we are either travelling with or have met up with. No time limit and so much easier to use a carnet.

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