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hed 9 Jul 2001 05:20

Carnet for Mali registered bike
The consensus seems to be that you need a carnet for most english speaking countries of east africa etc. I am living in Mali and have my bike registered here though .. I only have a carte grise, how do I go about getting a carnet for my bike ?

Any ideas ?

Gustau 11 Jul 2001 19:15

Try the Automobile Association (AA), www.theaa.co.uk. I am not sure whether they will cover a non-british bike, but it's worth a try anyway.
By the way, the carnet de passage is a nightmare by all acounts: in itself it is only about £70, but aparently you need to have a deposit for twice the value of your vehicle in the bank.
I am planning to go to Mali in november, and I think the carnet the passage is not necessary there, but do you know if I need something else? (I have heard about the carte grisse, but I do not know what is it, or how much it costs, or where to get it) (my e-mail is gustau_catalan@hotmail.com).


peterkik 13 Jul 2001 13:26


For Mali (Mauritania, Senegal, Burkina, Niger and...?)you dont need a Carnet but you have to buy a Laissez Passez at the border. This has the same purpose as a Carnet but only costs (if I remember well) about US 20. It works the same way as one page from a Carnet: they take a piece of it when you enter en when you exit.
A Carnet is not a carte gris. The carte gris is your prove of ownership (which in most french speaking counties is a grey paper). A Carnet is a very basic way for a country of insuring that you wont sell you vihicle without paying import duties. If the customs dont have both entry and exit sheet of the Carnet they can assume you sold the vihicle and can claim importduties a the organisation that provided you with the Carnet. Thats what the deposit is for.
By the way, in Holland the deposit is 1 times the value of the bike for all African countries except Egypte (2x).


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