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popotla 15 May 2011 11:08

Carnet du passage and customs/immigration stamps
I entered the United Arab Emirates from Oman, with my Oman-registered vehicle. My carnet du passage was issued by the Oman Automobile Association; entering the UAE I did not think of showing the carnet and was not asked for it. (I have crossed this border many times before and it’s easy to do this, few formalities.)
I’m about to leave the UAE for Iran, on the Sharjah-Bandar Abbas ferry, and have been told by the shipping company that my carnet will be stamped OUT when leaving this country.
I am somewhat concerned that this will cause a problem with the carnet (because I will have an OUT stamp but no IN stamp). My understanding is that if the CDP is stamped by any particular country, then it must be stamped both IN and OUT, and unless this happens there will be, or can be, a problem with the issuers when it is returned for cancellation.
Please advise. I would like to be clear about this. Thanks.

beddhist 15 May 2011 11:37

I don't think that this will pose a problem. Remember what the purpose of the CdP is: to insure that you will export your vehicle from the country you imported it into.

Having said that, you ARE in Arabia...

I suggest you put a note on the 1st blank page pointing out that there is no entry stamp and so to please not put an exit stamp in. "Omani vehicles don't need carnets for UAE."

I've had all sorts of fun and games with UAE customs and the carnet, culminating in us stamping our own carnets, because the officers at the border didn't have a clue and stamped us in when we left...

beddhist 15 May 2011 12:04

But he will not be missing an out stamp, he will be missing an in stamp. That is, if they don't stamp the car in when he leaves, as they did with us...

In any case, he will have stamps from Iran showing he arrived there. Yes, getting the certificate of presence filled in will be a good idea, if not a requirement (depends on the club).

popotla 17 May 2011 17:54

I was stamped out of UAE and am now in Iran, where I was stamped in.

Seems that the most imortant stamp is the OUT stamp, since it proves the vehicle has left the country.

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