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nico-la-vo 28 Jun 2011 08:25

Carnet- deposit refunds afterwards- anyone else having nightmares?
We got back three months ago, and duly sent off our second carnet to Paul Gowan at the RAC- up until then a reliable, nice guy...

Our first carnet was sent back when we were enroute. We sent multiple emails to try and see if it reached him ok- and when we could expect our money back. We never heard back. being on the road it was too hard to sort out, so we left it to sort it out now.

Except that, even being in the country with broadband and mobile, its still impossible! His phone doesnt ever reach him. You cant even leave a message. he doesnt respond to emails. eventually i got through to his boss, who somehow managed to find Paul Gowan, who emailed me, with no apology or anything, to let me know my money, approx £500 from the second carnet, would be in the post. three weeks later it hasnt arrived. and thats not to even mention the money from the first carnet, which he admitted he had received.


(also posted in 'after the trip' section- wasn't sure where best :helpsmilie:)

Lonesome George 28 Jun 2011 09:33

I'm surprised to here this. In my dealings with him he has always been efficient. Granted its difficult to actually talk to him on the phone but he usually replies to emails. He was at the HU meeting last weekend and I had a long chat with him about my carnet. All I can suggest is that you keep emailing and phoning. I'm sure you'll get through eventually.

locrep 28 Jun 2011 10:45

Hi, I always ring on 01454 208000 & leave a message then Paul or someone from the office rings me back.

I think Paul receives so many emails that he may struggle to find the important ones to deal with.

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