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frederic 10 Jul 2000 14:02

carnet de passage
As far as I read, It seems that a "carnet de passage" is not necessary to travel in South America !
Somebody can confirm this ?

And what is needed to go to New Zealand and Australia, paying the import taxes is enough ?

Grant Johnson 10 Jul 2000 18:01

You definitely do NOT need a carnet for South America.

For NZ and Australia, you also do not need anything other than your usual bike papers. Both will charge you entry fees of various kinds, but nothing too expensive.

Have a great trip and keep in touch. Send us trip updates for the newsletter!

Grant Johnson

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Dave 21 Jul 2000 04:32

Hi Grant,

I'm planning a trip to SA in November. So if I don't need a Carnet de Passage, what do I need? The AMH mentions getting a 'Liberta de Pasos por Aduana' for travelling in SA. Is this necessary? Am I living in a dream world when I imagine being able to ride my bike from the Docks with only my passport, driving licence and ownership documents in hand? This is all getting a tad confusing. HELP!

Also, do I have to have third party insurance in case I have an accident? If I don't have it will I be seeing the inside of a Chilean gaol? Is there anyone who supplies insurance cover for a reasonable rate (I fear my trip will become much more tiresome if I have to part with both an arm AND a leg!)?

Muchas gracias for your help


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