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Wrong Way 1 Oct 2010 19:58

Canadian with ICBC bike insurance needs insurance for his bike from mexico to chile?

I have ICBC insurance for my bike. insurance from Canada BC Which covers me in the USA. When i get to mexico, i will need Mexican insurance (which I've heard is easy to get) However, when i leave mexico for Guatemala, Guatemala for Honduras, and so on...., what do i do then? Is Mexican insurance valid for all central america?

So i coming back from my central south american tour, my Canadian insurance which is valid in the USA has expired, how do i get insured before i hit the USA so that i can get back Home to BC Canada. The reason i ask is because my insurance agent advises to get a full year insurance for my Motorbike and then i will get reimbursed for the time i stayed out of the insurable area if i have the appropriate proof (canada and usa). Gotta be an easier less expensive way. Any comment would be appreciated

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Scrabblebiker 1 Oct 2010 21:37

Mexican insurance is usually not valid outside of Mexico.

Liability insurance is mandatory, and can be purchased at the border, in Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama. When I went down there, aside from Mexico, I rode my bike without any kind of loss insurance. It's a risk but I found loss insurance hard to find for Central America.

One option for ICBC is to take out a long enough policy to get you across the border into Mexico. Then give someone written permission to renew for you and have them courier the papers and sticker to somewhere in Mexico upon your return. Check with ICBC to find out exactly how that written permission needs to be done. It's one of the options they told me about but I didn't get the nitty gritty details.


Wrong Way 1 Oct 2010 23:14

Gotcha SB,

No loss insurance.
Any tricks you know of to protect your assets (your bike) when down in those countries: Alarms, etc.... I will ask my insurance agent about what you said thanx
Wrong way Aka Troy

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