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Kevin Beretta 31 Jul 2001 02:30

Can I "close" a carnet from a distance?
Planning to travel from the Netherlands to Australia, New Zealand and South America to Canada. I know I need a carnet probably all the way to Aussie. As well, most likely that part of the trip will be a year, so I'd like to "close" the carnet and get my money back. Can I do this from a distance or does my bike need to be back in the originating country? Aussie, NZ and South America don't require a carnet, as far as I know


Susan Johnson 19 Aug 2001 04:06


The information we have is that to get your money back on the carnet, you either need to re-import it into the originating country, which will then stamp the carnet as re-entered, to 'prove' you haven't sold it in any of the countries along your route.

Or, you need to import it into a country where you plan to register it, pay any import duties and get the official stamps in the carnet.

Either way, what the CAA or carnet issuing agency wants is the original carnet back with evidence of closure, so they know nobody is going to come after them claiming you sold the bike in their country.

You could check this with Suzanne Danis of CAA, who is their carnet expert. 1-613-247-0117, Ext. 2025.

Good luck!

Susan Johnson
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