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MUNROE KELLY 15 Mar 2008 17:43

buying french....
thinking of buying a bike very shortly...would have bought one already....but like the idea of buying a french plated one.
advantage..... no mot....no road tax
problem.... having a french address/proof of address etc
now u all knowing what im going to ask....
any idea how to get a french adrress....with out actually having to get one...that is 2 say actually renting a place etc ?????

Simon Kennedy 15 Mar 2008 21:36

Disadvantage - if you ever get in an accident, then you will have some tough questions to answer. You are looking to ride around UK yeah?

The insurance company would doubtless use the untruth of French residency against you: "why, sir, were you on a home counties dual carriageway at eight in the morning carrying a bag full of documents relating to work in the UK, and furthermore in possession of a wallet retrieved from the roadside replete with UK bankcards and sundry UK identification when you are, according to our records, in fact resident in Cafe Chez Amis, 5 Rue de Grand Mensonge? Our company cannot but be sympathetic to your loss of three limbs and all motor functions south of the border -- a-hem -- we feel your loss of course; but higher principles are involved here, as you are doubtless cognisant, we have a wider responsibility to law, justice and proper conduct, which obliges us to decline your request for compensation due to our client's actions in this matter however heinous you may consider them, I may consider them, the whole world would; well, fraud is a serious matter....."

If you do go down the French route, you will need convincing proof of residency - I seem to recall two forms are required one of which carries a photo, one that ties you to an address. Not easy.

That all said, there are loads of Brits here in France driving around on UK plates in order to dodge French taxes and MOT etc, so the president is well established.

The question is: is it really worth it? Given that bikes here in France are more expensive and in general less well maintained, what are you saving, what are you risking?


beddhist 16 Mar 2008 04:03

Where do you want to ride it?

Caminando 16 Mar 2008 11:58

Simon's right.

And you know that insurance companies will look for a reason not to pay out. They're not stupid and know every scam in the book. And if they don't pay out that means you're not insured as you thought you were and that means if you've injured someone you're in deep deep merde. You will then learn fluent French in a French jail.

Bonne chance!

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