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JollyGiant 24 Jan 2007 12:21

Buying a Bike in the States and Riding To Argentina
I am planning to buy a bike in the States (an XR650) as they are considerably cheaper than here in the UK, with a view to then ride to Argentina.

Simply put - what paperwork do I need to achieve this? I have tried to find out, but different people say different things so I am mindly perplexed at this point.

Also, a friend in the States will buy the bike before I arrive - can I get him to buy the bike in my name etc if I supply a copy of my passport? Or will he need to buy it in his name and then transfer the bike to me etc.

Is a Carnet necessary for travelling from the States to Argentina? Some say it is and others say Latin America is more relaxed regards a carnet etc.

Many thanks for any advice or information etc


RickMcD 24 Jan 2007 16:03

Carnet NOT Required.

Originally Posted by JollyGiant
Is a Carnet necessary for travelling from the States to Argentina? Some say it is and others say Latin America is more relaxed regards a carnet etc.


Just returned from Ushuaia after riding from Southern California down there. Didn't have carnet, didn't get asked for one, didn't need one. NO border problems at all!

SgtMarty 24 Jan 2007 23:38

From what I've learned fromothers, the bike will need to be titled in your name. You might get a title transfer upon your arrival, I suppose.

Just my 2 pence.

mollydog 25 Jan 2007 05:42

We have BOTH, they are totally different. :euro:

quastdog 25 Jan 2007 21:36

States collect sales tax when the new owner applies for registration of the vehicle (this is essentially how you transfer ownership). It may not be so straightforward to just transfer a title from one party to another unrelated party without a hassle; essentially they'll assume a sale was made, money transferred hands, and, depending on the state, they may assess a value for the sale, despite your claims.

You need to try to find out what the rules are within the state you expect to do this.

Also, even if you don't pay sales tax, you may be paying other taxes (luxury tax, excise tax, property tax, whatever). In Washington state, I pay $24.00 a year for RTA tax (that's for mass transit). It cost me $67.75 for registration of my F650 last year which included the RTA tax - you may pay similar or more just to transfer a title. Also, depending on the location within a state, there may be additional taxes allowed the local county (King County, where Seattle is located, was allowed to access a tax of over $100 a year for vehicles registered to owners living in the county - for a monorail project that has since been cancelled).

Choose wisely!

mollydog 26 Jan 2007 00:00

Also, in California you can "Gift"
One Dollar.

JollyGiant 26 Jan 2007 09:52

Many thanks for all the useful information.

Mollydog - I plan to buy the XRL and then 'tweak' it when I get to the states etc. I am in the process of reading as much as I can, but thought I would first ask those that might have done everything already etc. I have to start my homework somewhere etc:smartass:

My buddy lives in Minnesota so I will check out the laws there to see what taxes are applicable there etc, but at least I don't have to worry about a carnet.

Again many thanks for the help


Bill Ryder 26 Jan 2007 15:50

Buying a bike in the USA
Just a little more info on this thread. In montana you get a permanent license plate for your motorcycle. No state sales tax. Same day plating and transfer.

mollydog 26 Jan 2007 19:43

Again many thanks for the help

Read as many trip reports as you can. Try this one:

_ten_ 29 Jan 2007 16:55

I don't think its that simple...
I was contemplating buying a used zzr1100 from ebay, doing a US tour, then selling on return... but there's a problem in that you need to register it, and although 'title' goes to you, as the keeper, you still need a bonafide address in the States from where it can be registered.

mollydog 29 Jan 2007 17:30

PS...I bought a bike in the UK

Bill Ryder 29 Jan 2007 17:31

address in the USA
The US post office will deliver several peoples mail to the same address. We rent out part of our house as house sharing. I'm sure there would be someone that would loan you their address to use. The main problem would be in buying a bike over the internet and actually getting what you think you are getting.

Bill Ryder 29 Jan 2007 17:36

Riding on someone elses bike
I spent some time in court over selling a bike and not having the buyer transfer it into his name. The buyer went out and hit another car before he got insurance. The car owner sued me for damages.

mollydog 29 Jan 2007 18:03

Much better to contact a private seller,

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