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eddie 13 Feb 2002 08:46

Buying bike in foreign country
My friend and I are planning to buy our bikes in Santiago, Chile and ride them to Rio de Janeiro. What kind of paperwork are we going to need to get through the borders without any hassel. I really appreciate any advise you can give. Thanks in advance.


Grant Johnson 14 Feb 2002 06:21

Basically you need proof of ownership and the registration document that has the bikes serial numbers and licence plate number on it.

Of course you need a motorcycle drivers licence, an international drivers licence is recommended, and a passport.

that should do it!

Have a good browse through these pages and use "search" to get the fastest answers.

Have a great trip! and of course let us know how you go so others can share in the info.

Grant Johnson

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PanEuropean 15 Feb 2002 07:43

Eddie might come under closer scrutiny by customs officers than usual, because he lives in one country, has bought his bike in a second country, and is planning to enter a third country.

To a customs official, Eddie would appear to have more reason than normal to sell his bike in the third country, because he did not go to the trouble of shipping the vehicle from his country of residence. Thus, the customs dudes might want some assurance that he will export the bike from the 3rd country - and this leads us down the path to Carnets, which we all know and love.

He could make the situation look less unusual by having an address in the 2nd country, where the bike is purchased and registered, and having a driver's licence from the 2nd country. At least this would make it look like he has some residential ties there, and is likely to return to the 2nd country with the motorcycle.

Mike 21 Feb 2002 16:01

I bought a bike in Brazil (Oct 2002) and travelled through Uruguay, Argentina, Chile and Paraguay without a carnet - it was never mentioned once.

I *did* need proof of residency in Brazil to get the registration documents. All I needed for that was to get a friend to make me the named person on his domestic water bill... with that I could get a CEP (taxpayers number) and the rest was plain sailing ;-)

Yes it took a while to get all the paperwork, but then border crossings were quick and cheap and no hassle at all.


Arlen Aas 2 Mar 2002 07:39

I did the same thing you are planning. Bought a bike in Santiago and traveld Argnetina, Bolivia, Peru. I'm from USA. Never a problem at borders. You need a RUT (equivilent of USA Social Security Number) and then you can register bike in your name. Customs guys at borders didn't question anything. They were professional and helpful.
Give me a shout and I'll give you phone number of a guy who will help you through getting the RUT and other paperwork.

hopelessly lost 27 Feb 2007 03:35

any tips for doing this sort of thing in europe? i'm a canadian "planning" a trip from europe to iran this fall. my budget is tight. i'd like to pick up a cheap bike, insure and register it and make some miles! i have contacts in croatia, which might help, might not (regarding purchase of bike, registration, etc...) i'm told that i can get a carnet from the canadian automobile assotiation even when purchasing abroad. help?

Jeremy Kroeker. Writer. Wanderer.

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