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Arnout 3 Feb 2004 04:07

Buying a bike in Australia - paperwork?
I'm in my preparatory stages for a year-round trip in Australia, and possibly (time and money allowing) New Zealand too! Since this will be a budget trip, I'm looking around for information on what to look for and what to remember when buying a motorcycle in Australia. (I'm buying it there, since costs will be too high for me to transport one there, and the bike wouldn't be worth it in any case.) I noticed that bikes there have to be "registered", and that you need a valid address in Australia for that. Is there any way to get around this, and are there any other "insurmountable" problems I should think about?

Arnout 5 Feb 2004 14:26

No-one has experience with this situation?

Steve Pickford 5 Feb 2004 15:30

If you're buying the bike from an Aussie bike dealer/shop, explain your situation & ask if you can you his business address for insurance purposes?

If he says no, would one of the Australians who post on this site be prepared to offer their home postal address to use? I've personally offered my UK address to a couple of other HUBB users for this reason.

Perhaps you could also talk to him re: buying the bike back off you when the trip is complete.


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