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Dogo 11 Sep 2006 00:02

biker-friendly Insurance Cº ?
Fellow Riders,

pls suggest me a couple of Insurance companys,with whom things have worked out well with you,for a limited three week insurance period in Senegal, Mali, Burkina and Guinee-Conacry.

Talkin' about 3 EU registered bikes ( Portugal ),and their respective rides.

thanks for bothering,

In the wind soon,

Mad Dogo.

rhinoculips 11 Sep 2006 03:41

Look into http://www.worldwideinsure.com

I haven't used them yet, but will buy a policy in the next week. 4 different people have highly recommended them. Since I am from the U.S. I'll be using their Travel Insurance for World residents. To get coverage for riding motorcycles you'll need to select Sports Rider Coverage. There are other options for UK and EU residents, but haven't check into those for obvious reasons.

Have a great ride!

Bossies 18 Sep 2006 09:24

For UK or EU residents there is only an option for motorcycle cover as a sport activity during your normal travels to a max of £5000 cover and max 62 days.

On the US site it's a 12 month policy but only covers 30 days of travel within those 12 months.

I have asked them for a specific quote for 6 month continuous travel through Africa...I'll let you know there response.

rhinoculips 1 Oct 2006 22:52

Additional possibilities
Here's another one.


They seem quite good and handle all nationalities

Then there's


I ended up going with these guys, instead of www.worldwideinsure.com, but I am not sure if they handle non-US residents

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