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Eriks 30 Jan 2004 06:09

Bike insurance
The plan is to travel from Istanbul to Kathmandu. The Carnet is OK, but no Norwegian insurance companies wish to insure my Yamaha beyond Europe and Turkey.

Any advices how to go on with my trip?


frnas 30 Jan 2004 14:06

Try the search engine: lots of previos entries on insurance.

I think your best option is to go with no insurance for the trip or by an insurance at the borders to cover any damage on other weichles/persons.
I dont know if you are afraid of theft or the bike itself getting damaged, but you should not worry to much on the theft issue. It is more likely that your bike would be stolen at the trip down Europe. Bring an good solid lock and chose hotels with an guarded parking or just take the bike inside the hotel. If you have to park the bike utside on the street, just make sure you lock the bike to something solid.

check out: http://www.horizonsunlimited.com/lin...cycleInsurance

God tur! nĂ¥r drar du?

Eriks 31 Jan 2004 08:02

Mr. Frnas!

Thanks for your reply. Yes I now know that liability insurance is not always necessary as it is in our country. Thats just fine, being less paperwork to worry about. I'm leavin April/May.

Have you previously driven the same route?

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