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closmann 6 Jul 2001 08:52

Bank Insurance for Carnet du Passage?
Thanx, all you guys this page is great!

Please help me out, cause the Dutch RAC (ANWB) and ABNAMRO-bank don't seem to know.My girlfriend and me are driving with two Dutch registered Transalps,which are shipped in to Thailand,back to Holland in October. Value of the bikes 8.500 guilders each. (New about 15.000). I know we need a Carnet, which can be obtained from the ANWB but what about a bank insurance. Do we really need to deposit 30.000 guilders (new value both bikes)or is there an easier away. We don't have that amount of money. Is this necessary and what's the use of this deposit. ThankS!!!!!


Susan Johnson 19 Aug 2001 04:15

Hi Rob and Martine

Purpose of the bank deposit is to guarantee payment of any duties which might be payable if you were to sell your bikes along the way. You put up this money, but get it all back when you return home and are finished with the carnet.

There is another option you could check with ANWB - you can buy an 'insurance policy', which guarantees payment of the duties. This requires a much smaller payment up front, but you don't get any money back from the policy, just like regular insurance.

If ANWB doesn't support this other option, check with the Automobile Association (AA) in the UK. The AA in UK will issue a carnet for non-UK residents and non-UK vehicles, which is probably the most 'casual' of the auto associations that we're aware of!

You can reach them at +44-1256-493753 or by e-mail: internas@theaa.com. They can fax the application forms to you, but will require originals to be mailed back to them before issuing the carnet, so allow time for that.

Good luck, and please let us know how you make out.

Susan Johnson

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rpalmen 19 Aug 2001 17:03

Getting a carnet with the German ADAC is possible for foreigners, and alot cheaper than the ANWB. Look at http://www.motormaniacs.nl (in dutch) for more info. Look under GTI / reistips

Hope this helps.

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