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xtianau 18 Jan 2008 12:11

Aussie taking bike to UK and EU for 8 weeks
I have tried every company I can find, none of the Aussie Insurance mobs do out of Oz insurance and UK ones only insure residents I need to get some cover while in UK and EU for 8 weeks from May till July not sure what they call it over there, here it is CTP and covers everyone except the at fault driver/rider and is compulsary. Any help out there with suggestions????

Christian Raith
Sydney, Australia

michaeltharme 18 Jan 2008 20:02

Having the same problem mate.
I'm flying out of Sydney on 3 May and picking the bike up in the UK for a 3 month trip. When and where are you going?

Wheelspin 18 Jan 2008 23:11

All you need to be 'resident' for this purpose is to have a UK address - that should be easy to arrange. The problem presumably isn't you - its the bike ? You are on Aussie plates ? I can see that you probably need an Oz insurer but I'm a bit surprised none of them can handle that - its very easy here.

Sounds like it might be easier and cheaper to buy a bike here.....problem solved !

Wheelspin 18 Jan 2008 23:17

Thinking a bit more about that, I'm not sure that the bike plates would necessarily ring any alarm bells. It wouldn't show on the auto system they use here, but that doesn't always have up to date info anyway as I know one of mine didn't show up. Use a UK address and try and get a few quotes - got to be worth a try.

When it asks where the vehicle is registered, use the same UK address. Bit naughty but no one will shoot you for that - imports must start off somewhere before they get reregistered.

KennyE 19 Jan 2008 10:23

Hey Mick,

I think Dave Milligan is trying to organise quotes for bike insurance whilst bikes are in Europe. My bike will probably be on the same shipment as yours, so it looks like I will see you in Felixstowe on 6th May.

I'm riding mine back through Europe and Asia. :thumbup1:

Are you going to Tintaldra?


Flyingdoctor 19 Jan 2008 13:23

I saw plates from Canada, Australia and the States at the TT, I'm sure they've got valid insurance so it must be possible. Try putting a TT slant on your searches, it may help.

michaeltharme 19 Jan 2008 21:30

Hey Kenny
I'm waiting on Dave to get back to us all.
When you getting to Felixstowe? I'll be there Sunday night, got a room booked for 2 nights in a local B&B.
Yes, be at Tintaldra on Friday night.

RogerM 20 Jan 2008 05:57

Try Green card Insurance for Europe

John-DownUnder 20 Jan 2008 12:43

When I went May'07 for 5 months (UK & western Europe), I used e-Bike (Australian online) for comprehensive insurance that included the 3rd party person cover (green slip) - and only for the peiod of the trip. Unfortunately I understand they no longer offer this type of insurance. In fact I recall they tried to email me just after my insurance cover expired with some sort of message that it wasn't valid cover. The warning with them too is that they only have a low rating with Standard and Poor's.

http://www.alessie.com/html/europe1.html This group came highly recommended, but they experienced some admin problems last year with the lady doing the work (ill or passed away?), but I understand her partner continued to offer the service.

The other lead I was given was a German company Knopf Motorradreisen (as per RogerM's link) but I recall they required someone in Germany to handle the paperwork for you.
Good luck.

Frank Warner 20 Jan 2008 22:23

As has been paoted above .. but I've added some comments - and condensed.

You need the legal minimum - "Green Card" .. and you can/could get it from



Knopf Motorradreisen (he does this through ADRC ? = the german auto club .. and he does handle the address thing for you if you dont have one .. )

They may do more insurance too .. at a cost!

fattony 21 Jan 2008 18:42

gday sportsfans

I've got a similar problem. Well...I don't but my mates do. I'm an aussie living in UK and am going to do a 4 month bike trip through scandinavia and eastern europe leaving in july. Problem is my 2 mates coming from oz to join me for the trip. PLan is for them to buy bikes when they get here and then sell them when they leave at the end of the trip. Problem is, none of the insurance companies ive contacted so far will insure non-residents. most of them say they have to be resident for 3 years. Wheelspin says they just need an address... i'm not sure yet. They could certainly use my address.

They both have bikes at home so the other option (or so i thought until i read this post) was for them to ship their bikes over and use their ozzie insurance. I'll be interested to hear how you get on with that. Please let me know.


fattony 21 Jan 2008 19:35

hey mick, kenny and christian

who are you shipping with? from? to? i assume you shopped around to get the best deal?


KennyE 21 Jan 2008 23:58

Hey Tony

Mick and I are shipping with Get Routed. I ended up with four quotes and they were by far the easiest.I did get one quote which was cheaper but required me to take my front wheel off and crate the bike myself. With Get Routed all you need to do is drop your bike off to them. Check out their website. Dave Milligan is the guy to talk to.

GetRouted : Bike shipping and Tour Operator

xtianau 23 Jan 2008 00:43

Thanks for all the replies.
I would have gone with Get Routed but the timing and places did not match my time off so going alone into London maybe??????
My youngest daughter will be with me so Mum is not pleased :cool4: that is a good reason for wanting the correct cover, also will not get through customs in the UK without it.
The German mob is for bikes up to 7 years old, mine is nearly 30.ebike no longer does it, all the others Say resident which also means MOT approval in UK (impossible)
This is so hard to organise from this end.
Getting a bike there negates the reason for the trip, 30th anniversary rally for the Yamaha XS1100 in Germany but thought I would take in IOM and site seeing while there, I have 8 weeks off work.
Still may get to meet some Aussie riders while there (I'm on a N.S.W. Ruby Red XS1100 standard)
My email is xtian@nlc.net.au if anyone has the magic solution

haggis 27 Jan 2008 01:38

How hard can it be?
Yes Im having the same problems with UK insurance.
Seems the only thing I can do is to tell porkys about being resident for more than 3 years..

Kenny E did you have any joy?

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