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greenbean3 22 Aug 2010 17:45

Anyone permanently imported a 4x4 into NZ? Any tips?
Hello everyone,

Just wondering if anyone has shipped a 4x4 from South Africa to New Zealand and then permanently imported it? We are planning to do this next year, and just wondering if anyone has any tips, and info on prices/companies both for shipping and import. We are NZ citizens so I think we can import it with no import duty, but I've heard there are complications with emissions testing and customs??:eek3:


beddhist 23 Aug 2010 09:18

Having just gone through the rigmarole of compliance for my wife's bike I can offer a little advice: the vehicle needs to have a compliance plate from a number of countries, chiefly EU, US, AUS or a few others. If it has, import is possible. If it doesn't it needs a letter of compliance from the NZ importers, who apparently are often unwilling to supply this. Without either it can't be registered. Keep all you import papers, especially from customs.

The days where any vehicle could be used on NZ roads are over.

Most older diesel vehicles do not comply. I suggest you check the NZ Landtransport web site.

Nigel Marx 24 Aug 2010 01:12

Peter is right, the days of simple imports to NZ ended just recently. What you have to do is prove your vehicle complies with the standards set in one or more of the countries that the NZ authorities recognise as having compatible or better standards than in NZ. This is better than some countries (for example Australia or the USA) where it's almost impossible to register a vehicle that was not originally imported into that country.
I'm assuming it's a South African new vehicle? The website Peter gave should have a list of countries that qualify.

What brand is it?

Cheers bloke

Nigel in NZ

greenbean3 17 Nov 2011 12:12

Hi guys,
Thanks for your responses - a long time ago now!! We are now nearing the end of our trip so need to sort this out or sell the car!
It's a UK registered Toyota Landcruiser 1995 4.2L turbo diesel. Is the UK one of the countries that Is the UK one of the countries with better standards? The certifier/inspector said we have to get a "Statement of Compliance from the Homologation department from Toyota", whatever that is. Do you think we could get that here in South Africa?

Any help much appreciated!!


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