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glen 24 Jul 2003 00:29

an embassies letter of recommendation
what is an embassies letter of recommendation as being required by a foriegn embassy
just how much does your embassy know about you when it writes about you-does it remember all those unpaid parking tickets-and resulting "issues"
-do they really catch up in end?????
(no personal interest)

Werner 24 Jul 2003 06:47

Hi, I assume you're a British subject. So your embassy will issue for you such a document. If you're an American, forget it.
I'm Canadian, and had the misfortune to need such a document many times. It is just a form letter run off a computer which salutes the other embassy where you're requesting a visa, and states that you are indeed the person shown in your passport. Each time the letter, run off by a lowly employee, cost me Can$50.00 (Us$35.00). Your embassy does no cross checking. All they want is your passport and your money. So fear not. Your unpaid parking tickets will not be used against you.

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