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tnt go east 19 Dec 2008 08:07

African West Coast
Some help please!!

Will soon be heading up from SA along the West Coast.

Ive spent hours on the Net and ive not got too far.

Firstly is it still possible and if so where can i get the visas for:-


Thx Tim

" The minds like a parachute...works best when open"

preben 21 Dec 2008 12:58

Angola - DRC - Congo - north
Hi Tim,

Going same way early January 09 and have same questions in respect of present visa regulations/entry points.
Will be comining from Tanz, Zambia into Namibia and then North


Frank Warner 22 Dec 2008 00:16

Old info
Try all the consulates as you come across them.

Nigeria is a problem in that they say you have to apply in your country of residence - but it is only valid for some months from the date of issue. You mayt have to talk to the consulate him/her self.

All you might get for Angola is a transit visa .. with a short transit time ..

preben 25 Jan 2009 10:49


Originally Posted by Frank Warner (Post 219750)
Try all the consulates as you come across them.

All you might get for Angola is a transit visa .. with a short transit time ..

Presently in Oshakati/Namibia and trying to get a visa.
It appears as if the only visa availble is 'ordinary' or 30 days - and theres absolutely no way around an invitation, no matter you wish to apply for transit or turist visa.

Dont ask how an 'invitation letter' correspond with at transit visa!
Only reasonable reply would be that you need a place to stay during your transit - and following this a receipt telefaxed from the hotel to consulate/embassy should do the trick.

If possible then get the tourist visa from your home contry. It should be valid for entrance up to 60 days after being issued. The latter cannot be confirmed here.
Cost heard of to be approxm 300 USD since 1/1-09 - but this is also to be confirmed!!

In short Angola is not really aiming at getting visitors

preben 2 Feb 2009 10:01

Angola visa from the south
Just a little sad info.

Wasted more than 2 weeks hitting the consulado in Rundo, Oshikato and Windhoek trying to get a visa into Angola in order to get on towards the cold north.

Windhoek plainly refused to deal with any application from Danish & British Nationals.

Rundu insisted that we went to Oshikati or Windhoek, and would not even consider to let us file an application.

In Oshikati we waited 11 days on being allowed to fill in an application with our invitation letter etc on the consuls desk - only problem was that he had never looked into it.
At no time did we get anywhere close to being allowed to file an application or even find out what the price for a visa was (in Oshikati we were told that the consul would inform on the price if he allowed an application).

In short get your visa to Angola from SA or 'homecontry'.


roadsacallin 22 May 2009 16:59

Angola visa application in Cape Town
I also have heard stories of huge difficulties applying for an Angolan visa in Oshakati (Nam), Windhoek (Nam), and Rundu (Nam). I recommend getting your Angola visa in Cape Town (I'm a U.S. citizen). Once the letter of invitation was faxed and verified at the Cape Town Consulate, a 30-day tourist visa was issued for 750 Rand ($75 at the time). I payed an extra 300 Rand to expedite the process and received the visa within 4 working days. I have two months from issuance to enter Angola and 30 days once I enter. The employees at the consulate were very patient, professional, and even kind. Compare my experience with that of two Polish travelers who were refused at Windhoek and waited over 3 weeks for their 5-day transit visas in Oshakati. Initially they were told the visas would cost $700 each, and they got the price down to $150. Read their story at


I got a DRC visa (about $80 + $40 expedite fee) in Windhoek in 3 hours. I will be applying soon for Congo. Apparently it costs $60 and takes 24 hours. I will also be speaking with the Nigerian consule next week. I plan on gettin the Gabon visa in Luanda.

PM me for if you have specific questions.

Good luck-

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