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Fern 13 Oct 2011 22:46

A few dumbo carney questions
I have fired off a rambling email to Paul @ rac, but I'll bombard you with some dumb qus as well.

1. Is the bond/ insured total for the maximum percentage of a country I will pass through or a tallied total? Eg if Pakistan Iran and India is 500% each, is that one lot of 500% worth, e.g 2k bike= 10k bond or do I times that again by 3 for each country at that percentage rate?

2. If I do the bank bond, does the account have to be in my name, or perhaps a rich relative or even company account. I'm asking this as I might stretch to a large sum squirrelled away, or could borrow some ££ but my credit rating is ruined.

Many thanks


Fern 13 Oct 2011 23:21

Oh, another daft question, I haven't purchased a specific bike yet, but at the moment it could be a drz400 worth about £1500. The valuation, do the Rac check it up, and if so how? Maybe a quick flick through parkers for the book price, or even bike reader or eBay? I have read it's best to try and blag the value of what it'll be once dragged Rrw with a mileage to match!?

mcgiggle 15 Oct 2011 08:37

You pay for the worst case, i.e. India 500%, Egypt 800% etc etc and it doesn't compound.
The bond is to cover the costs of importing the bike so as you exit with the bike the bond carries over to cover the next country ( am I making sense?)
Paul's not a fool, if you tell him you have a DR400 and it worth £200 he's not going to issue a Carnet for that but if you tell him the bike has been green laned and is pretty ruff and you that you would struggle to get £1K for it there is no reason for him not to believe you. The value of the bike is on the Carnet so even if you did get away with a silly low value I'm not sure Iranian customs would be happy to stamp you in on a £15k GS valued at £1500 :eek3:


Fern 15 Oct 2011 09:42

thanks Pete

in terms of valuation, then not to far off the book price then with a pinch of salt.

mcgiggle 15 Oct 2011 09:57

By the time you've been on the road for a month the value of your bike will probably be right a the bottom of the "book" value and some, so that would be the price I would be looking at ( think my 2007, 30000 mile BMW G650X is valued for Carnet at about £1800)

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