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Squags 31 Mar 2005 03:00

A year around Europe... starting August 05
My plan is to have as little of a plan as possible. My idea is to go for anything up to a year and anywhere in Europe on a motorbike. I've got a Honda CB350s now, but I'll probably get a Kawasaki GT550 for the trip. I'm thinking of heading up through Scandinavia first, then down Finland, over to the Baltic states and down the russian border on this side to Greece - though Kazakstan is quite appealing! After that I'm not too fussed, but it would be good to get to Greece, or anywhere warm by the time the snow falls. My budget for the whole trip will be between £2000 and £3000, so obviously camping is the only option - mainly by the roadside or in fields etc. Food must be cheap and preferably vegitarian, - I've got a small cooker. I'm a relatively-mature 18 yearold, so would appreciate company of a similar age, but not essentual. The most important thing is that a travelling partner has a sense of humour and can pay / ride their way. And that our travelling styles are somewhat compatable. I'd be happy to have company for some of the trip - a year's a long time! Get in touch if you want to know more

Squags 4 May 2005 15:46

Well there has been a slight adjustment to my plan. I'll be on a 1979 BMW R65 for the trip. Other than that, it'll be much as described above. No one wanna join me?

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