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Tom-Traveller 5 Apr 2007 05:38

Where to stay in Halifax ?
we are arriving in Halifax at the 15.July (airport) and have to stay a couple of days. The bikes will come about the same time by ship from Germany. Does anbody know a nice/cheap place to stay?
Thanks Tom & Andrea

Stagbeetle 6 Apr 2007 01:13

Halifax? Me too!
Hi Tom and Andria,
With luck I will be in Halifax about 10 days before you and then head north to Newfoundland to see the Viking settlement before crossing Labrador and then onto Yukon. After that the rest of the world:clap:

My first thought was to stay at one of the Halifax University Halls of residence, cheapish:confused1: , private, clean and modern, but I wonder about the ability of the ferry company to contact me, although I could always keep phoning them I supose.

Here is a paragraph:
From mid May to late August, Dalhousie University opens its residence rooms to conference delegates and visitors to Halifax. Dalhousie's Conference Services offers accommodation rates for conference delegates, tourists, students and seniors. Daily, weekly and monthly rates are available. Accommodations are available in traditional dormitory style (single and double rooms with common shared washrooms) residences in Howe Hall and Gerard Hall, within minutes of downtown city attractions. Apartment-style accommodations are avialable in Fenwick Place, offering private washrooms, kitchens and a furnished living area

Here are the rates

Single Room Nightly $40.50
Single Room Weekly $243.00
Double Room Nightly $63.90
Double Room Weekly $383.40
2 Bedroom Apt. Nightly $80.00
2 Bdrm. Apt. Weekly $480.00
3 Bedroom Apt. Nightly $120.00
3 Bdrm. Apt. Weekly $720.00
Rates include: All applicable taxes, linen, towels, weekly maid service where applicable (available twice per week in apartment-style accommodations) & regular membership privileges to Dalplex Athletic Facility.

Minimum two night stay requirement for apartment-style accommodations.

Here is the website Conference Services
.................................................. ...................................

I figure that since I shall be roughing it for the next 6 months, at least I can start my trip in style.

I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA if this is good, bad or ugly. Hopefully we'll all get some more good ideas from the replies.

I seem to remember there is a Hubber in Halifax.

Tom-Traveller 6 Apr 2007 06:21

Hi Stagbeetle,
thanks for the info....sounds OK for me...a couple of days until the ship arrives...and much cheaper than a hotel.
Maybe anyone else knows more.....
many greets und good luck in the northern part of Canada, we `re travelling slowly south to Mexico:mchappy: . Tom & Andrea

bluenoser 6 Apr 2007 13:15

Nova Scotia Department of Tourism and Culture : Ride
This link here will take you to a site to order a motorcycler's guide book to Nova Scotia (hotels, resturants, repair shops, ferry schedules, routes, etc....) - free. Also pick it up at any visitors center.
Make sure to get down to the water front on Thursday nights near Perks cafe, parking reserved for bikers only and usually draws a good crowd.
Spring Garden road, Lower Water street, Barrington street area are where all the bars/pubs/resturants, etc.... are at. Make sure to visit Historic properties in downtown area if you have some time.

larrysimpson 6 Apr 2007 15:45

digs in Halifax
you might consider Heritage House Hostel on Barrington St. Halifax... I haven't stayed there but have in the Ottawa hostel (great). There are clean affordable hostels right across Canada, a lot of them with great atmosphere and in super locations. One of Canada's best kept secrets I think. Check it out at www.hihostels.ca

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