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jeff_watts 19 Jul 2005 20:23

western route uk to sa
having done the eastern route to south Africa last year we are now interested in doing the western route through mali nigeria cameroon etc. Probable starting time early 2006. Although we did the last one on our own,(in a land cruiser) safety etc means we would prefer to travel with someone..anyone interested??

robak 24 Jul 2005 06:49

Hi Jeff,
Hope this finds you well.Although am planning a similar trip but at different time maybe good to chat anyway? Drop me an e if you have the time.
Take Care,

Geoff van de Merwe 25 Jul 2005 05:10

Hi Jeff,

I'm just interested to know why you feel that travelling through West Africa is going to be more unsafe than East?

jeff_watts 30 Jul 2005 01:45

I dont think it will be any less safe, but travelling with companions will give some comfort, well i think it will!!!for soem reason i feel there will be a higher liklihood of getting stuck in mud..perhaps thats irational wh knows!!

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