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bobkat 25 Oct 2005 22:09

Valencia - Las Fallas - Room Wanted
My wife and I will be touring Europe for the summer of '06 starting with Las Fallas in Valencia in March and ending with Intermot in Cologne in October. We are in need of a room or small apartment to rent during Las Fallas. An empty spare room in somebody's home would be great, or a caravan or cabin in a campground would be acceptable also (we will have our camping gear with us. Will the weather be good enough for camping?) In an internet check of hotels, all of the lower-priced hotels seem to already be full. Is there anyone here who can help us find a place to stay? I wrote to the HU Community a couple of weeks ago and am hoping for help from there too.

We have a webpage that will give you more information on us at http://www.bobkatsjaunt.com. (It is still under construction and subject to instant and retroactive change.)

Thanks, Bob Eggett

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