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jfarenden 8 Apr 2009 11:12

USA Round Trip (Almost) - Starting May!!
Hi all,

I'm starting a 12 week trip around the USA in May!!
I'm flying my Honda ST from Munich to Phoenix, AZ in about 10 days and I'll join it at the beginning of May.

Anyway, my travelling companion (non-rider) has got work commitments that she can't get out of and can only now do the first 3 weeks... So I figured why not see if anyone else (rider or non-rider, English or German speaking) has some time free and would like to join me for a few weeks.

I have a sort of route planned, but I'm not in to day by day planning. What I have is as follows:

Start: Phoenix, then up to route 66 westbound to CA/NV border, then up through Nevada to Reno, across to California and then do a loop so that I end up back at the top!! Then over in to Oregon, Washington State, Idaho, Montana, Wyomind then down to the 'South' for a bit before pickin up Route 66 again and back to Phoenix.

Therefore: If anyone is interested in either riding with me, or coming as a pillion for part of the trip (starting in June is when the back seat will be free!! ) or just would like to meet up as I drive around, please either respond to this post or drop me a note!!

This is my first trip outside Europe, so it should be a blast!!

Catch you later.

OK I should have added my email address: Note this is only valid until I head off... I'll post my mobile email as soon as I know what it is, along with a link to my Blog!!

motoreiter 8 Apr 2009 11:39

Congrats, you will have a great time! You are covering some of the best parts of the country, and have plenty of time to enjoy it.

One area that you seem to be missing is Southern California--while it's pretty different from NorCal, Oregon, Idaho, etc., it is a beautiful place and probably very different from anywhere you've ever been! Plus you have the time, and then you could ride up the Calif coast from Malibu to the Bay area, which is a fantastic ride!

Ride safe, and have fun!

jfarenden 8 Apr 2009 11:46


I can't wait to get out of work and head off to be honest!!

My loop of CA starting by crossing over at Reno will take me to SoCal as well... almost to the border!!

I actually spent about 18months some years ago living/'working' in AZ, so I had a few trips down towards San Diego etc., but only by car... this will be the first 'proper' bike trip over there!!

As long as I can get the bike through customs and released from the shipping company that is :eek3:.


yuma simon 10 Apr 2009 20:05

I live in Southwest Arizona on the US/Mexico border if you are heading this way (Interstate 8 connects San Diego to near Phoenix and Tucson). I wouldn't be able to join you, if at all, until the end of May, however :(. You probably will want to get out of Phoenix and head to higher elevations as soon as possible for the time period due to the excessive heat :thumbdown: which will hit towards the end of May, just to give you the heads up.

jfarenden 13 Apr 2009 22:50

Thanks for the heads up!!

I will be heading out of AZ pretty soon after arriving.
I'm going to do a 'test ride' down to Tombstone on the 4th (if I get my bike through customs) or the 5th (if I don't) :lol2:

Then I'm heading back to Phoenix the on to Holbrook to pick up the 66 eastbound.

I'll let you know how things pan out and maybe we could meet for a beer when I get down around Tombstone way???

Catch you later.

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