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Sprout 10 Jul 2006 15:53

UK to vladivostok
Anyone around Moscow in about a weeks time heading the same way?

Vladivostok / Mongolia?

Be great to have some company in Russia!

acme.Inc 11 Jul 2006 04:10

Hi Sprout,
we're heading to Moscow late Juli, early August, coming from Berlin. Andrej my friend from russia and I, Joachim, are planing to make a S-E-Asia Trip. We want to stay for a week or so in Moscow and than we travel along to the southern Ural, but not further east for that summer. From there, exactly Magnitogorsk Region, we want go to Iran or Turkey.
Maybe we're there at the same time and could meet for a coffee at Twerskaja st.

Sprout 11 Jul 2006 17:29

Hi Joachim
Thanks for your reply, I think I'm a little way ahead of you and was planning on stopping in Moscow for 1 night only. I'm on a bit of a tight schedule but if things change or held up it will be great to meet up. Thanks!

Sprout 16 Jul 2006 16:11

Hi Joachim,

I've ben held up in Poland and may have to change plans now but hopefully still heading to moscow though.

Are you still going that way and do you know when you'll be setting off?

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