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SandyM 24 Mar 2003 23:52

UK - SA Departing around 6 April.
My wife and I are departing on the first leg of our RTW trip in a couple of weeks time, and were wondering if anyone else is going our way?

Braodly speaking, the first part of our plan is to head down through Algeria, to Mali, then east again to Niger and Chad. Next we intend heading south into CAR and DRC.

Our route is fairly flexible - we learned from our previous trips in and across Africa that one a) has to be prepared to change one's plans, and b) that all the bad news you hear often dissolves as you get to the places themselves.

We would very much like to travel in the company of others, whether they are on bikes or in other vehicles. For as long as it suits both sides.

We have a modified Land Rover Defender, a sense of adventure, and a sense of humour - a good combination, some might almost say a necessary combination!

Our email address is in our profile if anyone thinks they might like to join up with us.

Kind regards,

Michael and Sandy...

Zoe & Marcus Hemsted 31 Mar 2003 02:39


We are leaving UK around 16/04 via Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and then onto Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Maybe we could meet up. Our plans are pretty flexible as well.

Happy Travels!

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ChrisK 2 Apr 2003 17:05

Hi, hope you are taking a few months to get to the desert, it will be ferkin hot in summer. We went through Sudan in December and it was 42 degrees in the shade, only there isn't any shade. An aid worker told us of horifying 58 degrees in July.

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