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geokobbi 11 Feb 2003 14:28

Turkey - Climbing Mt. Ararat - okt/nov 2003
Dear travellers.

Are you a motorcyclist, traveller and a hiker? If you will be in Turkey latter this year this post might intrest you.

I will be in Turkey around okt/nov 2003 and hope to climb Mt. Ararat. The same mountain Noah stranded with his Ark some years ago. The mountain is little bit more then 5000m and easy to climb.

I have contacted company in Turkey the might be able to guide climbers up to the mountain. Also, I have contacted local university student who is the cheef of the mountainering club in his school and he might also me able to find guide for the group.

This time of year is a bit tricky, since the winter season is almost there, and climbers might get some snow and strong wind.

So if any if you are interested in joining me, please send me e-mail. I only need 2-3 people for this mission to come true.

More info can be found at:

Ararat pictures

Looking forward to hear from you guys.



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