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gunt86 28 Aug 2010 03:00

Travel partner for 4x4 overland
I know that this is primarily a motorcycle forum, but there aren't really any good global english-language 4x4 forums, so I am posting here. I normally ride a motorcycle, but have decided to switch it up to a Land Rover Defender.

I have a Land Rover Defender 110 currently located in Buenos Aires. The vehicle is getting some repair work done right now. It is fully kitted out for expedition travel with roof tent, sink, interior sleeping, water tank, fridge, stove, solar power, etc. Aside from a few non-essential items which i am in the process of purchasing, this vehicle is ready to overland.

I have traveled much of South America already with different types of transport, but I still want to see more of the region and this time with the LandRover. My wife is unable to join me on the expedition, so i thought that it would be great to offer the open seat to someone else. I'm finding it's much harder than I thought to find people with the freedom to do something like this for 3 months or so.

I am hoping to get started in October 2010 from Buenos Aires. Route undetermined and very open to suggestions. Though i do insist on traveling in the Pantanal and interior of Brasil :) at the very least. If i can't get started by October due to lack of travel partner, then i will postpone until December at the very latest, at which point i will do the trek alone.

If you think you might like to do something like this, please send me a PM. In general i am looking for someone who is travel savvy and somewhat mechanically inclined (as it is inevitable we will be repairing the Land Rover at some point! :laugh: ). I am pretty travel savvy and mechanically inclined myself, so it is nice to have someone who can help out. Decent language skills would also be helpful.

The cost of the expedition will be pretty low as we only have to pay for diesel (does 10L/100km), food for cooking, and any repairs.

kevin chipperfield 29 Aug 2010 17:37

Hi Gunt86

Might be interested..was thinking I would take my MC from Canada to CA in Jan 2011. A note on myself - am leaving my job of 20 years for a year or 2 of trying a different lifestyle. I used to be a mechanic and have worked on cars and tractors both gas and diesel as well as MC's. My issue is tthat I was not planning on leaving til Jan 2011. I would possibly be available for 3 -4 months. Interested to hear what you think..


planethopper 30 Aug 2010 04:30

If my house sells soon then I would love to tag along. When you say low cost, what kind of numbers are you talking about?

gunt86 30 Aug 2010 05:15


Originally Posted by planethopper (Post 303457)
If my house sells soon then I would love to tag along. When you say low cost, what kind of numbers are you talking about?

Well, it depends on how much you want to drive per day, how much food you want to eat, etc. Let's say we put 20,000kms on it and let's say diesel is US$1/L. We will use about 10L/100km. That's US$2000 in fuel. Groceries are very cheap, probably less than US$10 per day for 2 people. There is the flight to BsAs and back for about US$1000. If you want to sleep in a hotel rather than the roof tent or a hammock, then add that to your cost. If you want to eat in restaurants rather than self cooking, add that cost as well. To be honest, i haven't created a budget for this as the operating costs of this expedition are very small compared to the purchase and kitting out of the vehicle - all of which is borne by me. Of course if there are repairs needed on the expedition, both people have to share that cost.

planethopper 30 Aug 2010 07:53

Doesn't sound to bad. I'm ok with tenting or hammock, maybe the occasional motel for a hot shower. Now I just need to get this house sold!!

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