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André Sonnichsen 22 Jan 2001 23:37

Trans-Africa: Europe to South Africa, Eastern Route
Seeking companion/s for the classic Cairo to Cape run - Eastern Route thru' Egypt, Sudan (jep, border is open now), Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique,Zimbabwe and South Africa. Planning to leave Denmark, where I'm based, in August/September 2001. Trip duration: 10-12 weeks including post-traveling relax session with friends and family in Jo'burg, South Africa. I'm on an old, but by then newly renovated XT600 (assembling at the moment). Have had prior travel experience (hitching and biking) in South Eastern Africa, but never tried the Horn of Africa.
Interested or want to know more - drop me a line on +45 86 24 96 24 or 960053@ps.au.dk
Cheers, André

philip STAM 18 Feb 2009 09:18

Cape to Cairo solo
HI there , i left Cape Town were i live on the 29 december 2007 on a ktm 640. My route was Botswana , Zambia,Tanzania,Kenya,Ethiopia,Sudan ,Egypt.
The entire trip took 6 weeks, i shipped the bike back from Cairo.
This is a fantastic trip and i did it solo.The bike was exellent, not one problem the whole way. I am planning another trip later in 2009 and want to reach London doing the same route through Africa. Any body interested in joining me should contact me at budgetbanners@gmail.com


Allie_Smit 1 May 2009 09:44

April - Jun 2010

Planning this route in 2010 on an old Tenere. Currently Solo. :scooter:

FabianEQ 18 May 2009 20:25

Cape to Cairo
Dear Phillip
I am trying to do the same route rom arround mid july of september, and will be happy to join you if we can match our timings.

I need to purchase a bike for the trip in SA, looking for a KLR 650 or similar with low mileage.

Since you have done the trip if you could help me out with any of this info. I would aprreciated very much:

1- If I purchase a bike in SA, can I easily regiter it to my name and travel with it with no need to get a carnet?

2- Is it possible to sell the bike legally onces I get to Cairo?

3- Is there any other paper work required to pass borders like international license or insurance or can I travel with my Ecuadorian license:

At home I reide a KTM Adventure 990 S but I dont want to ship it to Africa, too expensive and also want to use a more reliable and less expensive bike for this trip. I have had good expirience as far as reliability with KLRs I had on the past.

Thank you very much and any information you can give me or if you met some people in the past in South Africa or anywhere else that could help me out with any but of information, it would be great. I hope we can travel together

vagamoto 22 Jun 2009 06:15

Cape to Cairo
Hi Fabian
Two of us are leaving Cape Town in early September to ride to Cairo (and beyond). If you are here at that time, lets meet to discuss routes etc.
I purchased a BMW 650 Dakar here for about $ 6 000 with 8 000 km on the clock. Same bike as I rode the Alaska to Ushuaia route, so am happy to have a bike I understand.
A carnet costs about $ 200, but in addition you have to have a deposit of 200% of the bike's cost for entry to Egypt.

vagamoto 22 Jun 2009 06:17

Hey Fabian, I just noticed you are from Ecuador. I was there last year, had a big repair o my swing arm done in Latacunga by el Maesto. It is a beautiful country, great people.

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