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zakkwylde 29 Nov 2004 06:43

Touring Europe
My two friends and I are planning a trip to euope next summer with the hope of seeing as much as possible, we have 3 months and would like to go up through norway, into rusia to moscow and then accross the bottom of ruope finally coming back to England by way of spain and western france. We're not too sure if this is a realistic route as we have little experience of touring. Longest we've done so far is to scotland from south coast,(1500 miles total) Is this an unrealistic tour or should we just get on and do it. Any help appreciated.

flatass 29 Nov 2004 15:18

No problem in doing it but you may miss a whole lot of nice stuff by trying to keep to a tight schedule. If going by Norway dont miss Nordkapp and watch the speed/booze cops.
I usually buy a one way ticket and come back when I've had enough.
Its also an excuse to go again later.

walter 21 Dec 2004 02:33

You've planned a very nice trip but don't forget folowwing things:
- Norway is a very expensive country, try to camp as much as possible if you have a low budget and if you do camp don't forget it can rain a lot and get cold up there.
- you normally won't get into rusia without an invitation of a bike club from rusia.
- Other eastern-europe countries won't be any problem
- If you come back I think you will find eastren france much nicer than the western part.

Have fun!

Rev Chris 21 Dec 2004 06:19


I think before you do anything else at all you should work out as close an estimate of the distance as possible, add at least 10% for getting lost and last minute changes, check you've got the calculations correct and then divide the number you come up with by 90 days (3 months), that will give you the milage that you have got to do to make it round your planned route in the time allotted.

After you've done that sit back and catch your breath. Then start to plan things so that you can acheive a comfortalbe trip with as much stop over time you want worked into it. Don't forget 90 days of continuous riding is not a holiday and no real fun.

After that, rethink your plans for a realistic trip.

All the best.

Rev Chris.

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Freek 21 Dec 2004 13:43

weather map;


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slim161 24 Dec 2004 22:40

I am traveling to Europe this summer for a yet undetermined time, probably 4 months.
I am starting in London sometime in late May or early June. My tennative plan is to go to the Moto GP on June 26 in Assen then to the running of the bulls. From there I want to do Ireland for a couple weeks (ferry from Spain to Ireland) then up to Norway work my way to Prague and that is where my tenative plans end.
So if anybody has any advice or seem interested let me know.

lostrider 18 Jan 2005 02:03

My plan is to do an RTW starting in Ireland in May 2005 followed by Nordcap for the midnight sun in June and the Tour de France end July. The rest of the route is on www.motocirca.com
Hopefully riding with some others through Africa October onwards.
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