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wbagwell 2 Mar 2001 02:03

Time to do london->sahara-> around the Medit.
I'm considering this trip next year: from London through Spain, down into Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Egpyt, Jordan, Syria, Turkey, Greece, Italy back to London.

I have no idea how long it would take to do that trip, and I need to figure out if it's possible with roughly a $10K USD budget. I'll be on a 2000 XR650L, with about a 400 mile range after I get a jerrican mounted on the bike, and I'm hoping to leave around Feb. 2002. Anyone have a time/money estimate for how long this trip will take if I'm neither hasty or too leisurely?

I'm also considering London-Tunisia down to South Africa, but this will be my first long international motorcycle trip, and that latter seems much more difficult to do.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that G. Bush won't stir up too much trouble with the Arab nations, and not make it too difficult for American travellers to enter some of these countries.

Wright Bagwell
San Francisco, CA
2000 XR650L

bmwarabia 9 Mar 2001 21:16

I rode jordan, syria, turkey...eastern europe..alps...italy...greece..turkey and back to jordan in about 6 weeks at a very, very leisurely pace. Once you are outside of western europe prices are reasonable, eastern europe and the rest are downright cheap.

I lived in the middle east for 4 years so if you want to know some good places let me know


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