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beddhist 19 Oct 2008 09:50

Thailand - travellers on the road now
:welcome: Since I keep getting contacted by people travelling around here all the time I thought I start a topic here. Most people already have an account here (or should have one!), so this seems like the appropriate place.

Su and I are staying about another two weeks here in Ayutthaya at limaplace.com. GPS: N14 23.022 E100 35.628

Andy (Triumph Bonnie) has just left here heading for Kanchanaburi and then North.

Claudio writes:

> we are heading into Cambodia (from Laos) on Monday and will spend about 14 days over there before coming back to Thailand.

We intend to leave here early November, depending on when my parts arrive from Singapore. After that we will head either to Cambodia or, more likely, up North-West. So, depending on your moves we may or may not meet here.

Darius and Jane (Honda AT) are currently staying on Koh Chang for a few weeks of diving.

Dalin & Gudi (KTM), just arrived from Almaty are heading this way, but it looks like we will miss them, as I have to go for a border run to Cambodia tomorrow.

==> Anybody travelling in this region should check out gt-rider.com, particularly the The Golden Triangle Rider :: Index, there is loads of useful info.


pooley 21 Oct 2008 11:55

HI Peter,
Thought we'd join you! Les and I are currently in Chiang Mai and should be heading for the north east Lao border in the next couple of days.
We met David Unkovich of gt-rider fame. a mind of info, as you said, well worth contact if you come here. he produces great maps of Lao.
Next move, from Lao to Cambodia then Bangkok for flights to India.
Having a ball. Regards Pooley. www.pooleglobaltrek.com

dogito66 27 Oct 2008 11:24

hi pooley
when are you planning to ship the bike to india?
me and my wife jane we're still on koh chang for some diving. we're planning to get to nepal somehow... it seems like china won't be possible, so maybe flight to kathmandu??

beddhist 27 Oct 2008 13:13

Hi Nathan,

(I'm replying to your PM here.)

We will be here in Ayutthaya for another week or so, then heading N clockwise, stopping in Chiang Mai for a few days, then who knows. Have to leave T on 19/11, likely to Laos. We are planning to stay in the region until about March, then head to MY on route to NZ. We would love to meet up with you or any other travellers.

Peter & Su.

AussieNat 27 Oct 2008 16:54

Thanks Peter

Aki and I are finally moving north from Penang.
We will be entering Thailand very early November and will slowly be moving north.
We plan to go into Cambodia sometime in late December then back to Thailand for flights to Bangladesh/Chennai/Kathmandu in January/Febuary 2009.

Pooley and Darius, when are you planning on shipping to India?

Claudio and Ruth, which way are you guys headed?
If your still around SEA December/January lets meet up.

Looking forward to hook up
Nathan and Aki

andypettitt62 29 Oct 2008 04:39

Im currently in Savannakhet in southern Laos at the moment.If anyone plans on coming into Laos,read my thread on the GT rider forum under Laos.My name is bonnyboy on it.I crossed over from Nakhom Prahom yesterday by the floating platform thingy they have for crossing the Mekong.At the other side you have to drop off the platform into about half a metre of water before you hit the ramp.Very stressful, but I managed not to drop the bike in the river.Laos is great though, hardly any traffic mostly decent roads, a bit like Nepal.Just remember to ride on the right not the left.Heading back into Thailand in a week or so then heading for BKK for around the 8th.I'll be there till around the 12th, then heading south.Will probably see Nathan heading north.Pete has given me loads of coordinates for places to stay in Thailand, and Ill add a few for Laos, if anyone has got a Garmin.

beddhist 29 Oct 2008 04:48

Hi Andy,

The main roads are often good in Laos, but not all of them. Just read on GT-Rider about Route 13 Vang Vieng-Vientiane and after the monsoon sections of it are off-road.

For anybody else interested in waypoints and tracks you can download mine here: Index of /GPS.

Looks like we won't meet again, so I wish you happy travels.


andypettitt62 30 Oct 2008 12:19

Cheers Pete, hope yours and Sos adventures go well. and i might bump into you in NZ some day.Just done 20ks down a dirt road that i though was sealed.The mud was hardpacked and dry, so it wasnt too bad.The story from Cambodia is you get nicked for riding with a headlight on during the day ( very safety conscious of them!), so you'll either have to take the bulb out or cover the headlamp with something.

beddhist 30 Oct 2008 13:12

Yes, we were told about the headlight rule, but it's only half of it: it's quite OK to ride with your headlight off in the dark...

We had a light switch installed at the first service. Cost almost nothing.

andypettitt62 2 Nov 2008 11:01

Pete, Im back in Thailand, and staying in Surin tonight (2nd).I might have a look at the national park SE of Ayuthaya, then possibly pop in to the Lima Place if you still around.Its good being back in Thailand and not getting flashed for riding with my light on.Petrols cheaper here also.

Globetrotter 4 Nov 2008 13:59

Heading over the Border from Cambodia to Thailand
Hey guys we are leaving Siem Reap tomorrow and will be heading into Thailand on the same day.
Peter; are u still North of BKK?
Nathan; we have booked a flight from BKK to Johannesburg for christmas eve! Africa is calling. Hope to meet you guys before that somewhere near BKK.



beddhist 5 Nov 2008 02:21

Hi guys,

Yes, I'm stuck in Ayutthaya: Thailand Post has my parts parcel and they seem to want to hang on to it for a few days yet. My guess is that we will still be here for another week, then head to Mae Sot and up the MHS loop. I'll have to do another border run on the 19th, probably in Mae Sai.

Please come and say hello!

Peter & Su.

andypettitt62 5 Nov 2008 03:35

Pete. spending one more night in the lovely Khao Yai national park, as you can camp for as long as you like after paying 30baht (plus 400baht to get in), but its nice and peaceful and there are loads of things to see.Tomorrow Im jheading for Lima place, so could you book me in for a 370baht room again please.Cheers Andy

beddhist 5 Nov 2008 05:22

Ok, done. See you tomorrow afternoon.

If you are interested in a little tiki tour, here is my recommendation how to go from Khao Yai to Lima Place:

Cross h'way 2 on road 2090. Turn left in Pak Chong at N14 40.963 E101 24.128, cross the railway, turn right, then left again at N14 41.311 E101 24.039. You are now heading NW. At a roundabout take road 2200 N. You are now heading into the hills.

After about 9km turn left onto 2274, a while later left again onto the 2273. When you get to road 2089 turn right and pass through the "Tree Tunnel". At the bottom of the hill turn left onto 3223 and immediately right onto 4016.

From here just follow your nose and the tar seal W, zig-zagging through the hills, until you hit a T-junction, which is h'way 1.

Turn left and the next right onto 3034. Follow the signs to Tha Rua, where you turn right at the lights, cross the river and turn right again onto 4021.

After about 8km turn right onto 3008, which connects to the 3063.

When you hit the 32 you can only turn left, so get into the middle lane for a poorly signposted U-turn and you are almost there.

I know all this looks complicated, but Su and I did it in an easy afternoon and it's well worth for the nice green scenery, lots of empty back roads, plus you avoid the horrid dual carriageways with their bumpy concrete surfaces.


AussieNat 10 Nov 2008 18:23


Originally Posted by Globetrotter (Post 213814)
Nathan; we have booked a flight from BKK to Johannesburg for christmas eve! Africa is calling. Hope to meet you guys before that somewhere near BKK.



Hey Claudio.
Will def be up that way by christmas time.
What company are you using to get the bikes to JoBurg?

See you soon.

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