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RuthSancho 17 Jan 2013 21:37

Tasmania. from the 26th January to the 3rd Feb
Hi. My name is Ruth. I.m from Spain. This is my first trip. I.m looking for travellers in Tasmania.
I am riding a little postie. Please. Any contacts and travellers friends will be very awesome!!! Cheers!!!

rockwallaby 17 Jan 2013 23:02

Hi Ruth and welcome to HU,

I live down here on the island of Tasmania.

I see more and more people on postie bikes these days, they are becoming popular not just for delivering la posté.

I guess you will be arriving in the northern port of Devonport with the "Spirit of Tasmania"?

Feel free to drop by, you can even camp on my bush property on your way around this beautiful island if you wish. I have a French friend here for the past week and is riding an old Honda CX500 around Tasmania.


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