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kewykewy 23 Oct 2012 10:24

Spain and Morocco leaving 31st from UK anyone around?
Hi ladies and gents. Im off for just over 3 weeks from UK to Spain and through to Algericas..Then Morocco. Ive no specific planned route but will take in as much as i can. I dont normally plan anything and will be mixing hotels, camping and a few beers where i can find them...Im 42, love my GS1200A and am happy to hook up with singles, girls or chaps or couples/groups etc.. i talk alot mind! And also like my history and culture so will wonder off into most places that other wouldnt. So if youre up for a laugh and and a bit of adventure give me a shout.

Im up for some off roading but will be on a set of Tourances so softish off road probably. Tracks, gravel etc....

If you are already over there and want to try and hook up also give me a shout. I will probably end up in Fes or Marrakech for a few nights at Riad Marrakech Rouge which is an fab place to explore the Souks!

Anyway....ill try and shut up now....By the way ive been riding since i was 20 and have completed a few trips including Australia, India and a lot of the Eurozone...but am willing to go at any pace to accommodate any level of driver or to be pushed if you are fast!! Also any tips on breakdown cover or recovery whilst in morocco and also places to see/things to do/etc etc would be welcome.

Message me....

badou24 23 Oct 2012 12:18

:scooter::scooter:hi, shame your not going in the early sring , much better !! snow and green feilds ,,,, if you feel like a chat call me 01785663832 keith

kewykewy 23 Oct 2012 12:24

Cheers Keith...out and about at the moment so may give you a shout later. Unfortunately have 3 kids and this is the only time i can go....

g6snl 23 Oct 2012 21:43

places to go
Fes has great souks too, thoroughly recommend them, also quite a contrast from the "new city centre" . Another place to visit is Volubilis Roman ruins go from Fes to Moulay Idriss then look for "Volubilis Museum" its quite well sign posted if I remember when you get near, its an incredible site to see and touch. You can get right in it, around it and on it all. 4 hectares of it ! We had the place to our selves too when we went. 10 dirham to get in which is peanuts for such a treat.

Watch out for crazy "white cabs" on the wrong side of road on bends out of town, watch out for crazy red cabs in Fes!

Would love to go again but must work :(

Halochild24 23 Oct 2012 22:43

Southern France, Spain, Portugal and Morroco
Hi matey :)) my Names Simon, Am 24, currently riding a F650 Dakar, This will be my first tour of europe, am leaving on the same day heading towards paris then southern france, then spain, portugal and then Morroco. Would be Glad to meet up with some-one with more experience and miles on the gauage .

Kind Regards

Simon :))

kewykewy 25 Oct 2012 00:10

Hi Simon,

Yeah...No problems. I will be down and around there for a few weeks. Here is my mobile: 07966 061519 give me a bell and we can hook up. Would be good to have company through the desert as breakdown services are a bit irregular down there.....

kewykewy 25 Oct 2012 00:11

Thanks G6snl, will try and grab a look at that.....

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