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jc_bromley 29 Jul 2012 17:45

Southern Spain back to UK Sept 19th-30th
Hi, I'm going to be heading off to Spain on the 11th Sept with my regular biking buddy, we aim to be in Southern Spain (Poss Malaga area) around the 18th/19th.
I'm then heading home solo aiming to be back in the UK on the 30th.
From Malaga I'm thinking about an anticlockwise route through Spain & Portugal and then up the West coast of France so 2000 Miles in 11 days. I've done France a lot but have never been past the Pyrenees Spain wise. I'm looking to stay off motorways and aim to avoid any roads that are to busy traffic wise. I use budget (ish) hotels and for an evenings entertainment I like a few beers, some scoff and a bit of people watching!!
So if anyone is going to be doing a similar route who wants to meet up for any part of it please get in touch. I'm happy to meet up with whoever!
I ride a R1200GSA, aim for a 60mph (ish) cruise and have a flexible attitude to most things!

ta for reading,


John933 17 Aug 2012 00:48

I'll keep my eye on this as I will be leaving Spain on the 22 of Sep to come back to the UK with time on my hand's.

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