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bikenav 30 Sep 2007 19:19

South West U.S 2weeks starting 6.10.07
Lone traveller from Wales U.K hiring BMW from Los Angeles This Saturday doing obvious sights+ heading hopefully as far as Colorado border and back. Anybody doing similar, or locals willing to show any interesting bits along the way?

Thanks Paul

DLbiten 30 Sep 2007 20:59

colorado is nice
If you can and it dose not snow ride to Colorado, the mountain are some grate riding and with the aspens turning gold there like few others.
Colorado - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Route 66 The Mother Road: Historic Route 66 may be a nice addition to your ride.

There is London Bridge (Lake Havasu City) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia in Lake Havasu thats on your way. The area was also used as a testing and training ground for WW2.

There are ghost towns all over (may take a bit to find them) Ghost Towns and History of the American West.

The grand canyon Grand Canyon National Park (U.S. National Park Service).

The elevation changes your looking at and the weather can be rather extreme. Frost and temps to 38c. Snow and Sun at the same time are common in Colorado. But I dont think it will to bad at that time.

tprata56 30 Sep 2007 22:04

California Gold Country

If your interested, from LA go north on 101 to Monterey - a wonderful ride.
Cut across the San Joaquin Valley to Modesto. From Modesto, you have complete access to Yosemite, Big Trees, and the Gold Country of the Sierra's. I'd be glad to take you on a coupe day trips thru the foothills and mountans (weather allowing). After exploring California, you could continue over the mountains, to Las Vegas and beyond.

Feel free to contact me on my personal email.


vagamoto 2 Oct 2007 03:35

Currently in Colorado
Hi Paul
I'm currently in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, just riding the awesome routes in this part of the world. I have no schedule, so can meet up with you anywhere, but recommend Grand Canyon or somewhere in Utah. Colorado is getting cool, with snow starting in higher elevations.
I stated riding a bicycle in May, rode Vancouver to Anchorage, then flew to Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic, and rode south to Salt Lake City. Got bored with snails pace, so bought a 650GS. Having a ball. Previously rode a 1150 GS in South Africa, but chose the 650 for fuel economy (70 mpg) and price (half the cost of a 1200GS.
If you're keen email me or call me on 405 589 6168. We can chat on Skype if you have it. Cheers David Collett

bikenav 5 Oct 2007 01:40

Running 1 week late
Thank Boys for your interest and help. Now arriving 13.10.07 biking from Saturday east thru the parks and LV as far as Monument, after that flexible perhaps N to Salt and then W for Yosemite,SF, and coast S for LA.
Too ambitious,too cold,too far?
Suggestions, thoughts, Riding partners welcome?

Thanks Bikenav

JoeHilo 14 Oct 2007 06:37


Just quit my present job, and now have some free time till the next one starts.

Planning on to Cayonlands, Slick rock (Moab) and Monument Valley this week. Would be great to team up with you for a couple of days. I know the area pretty well. Spent some of my youth there. Give me a PM if you’re interested.

BTW, will be in Laughlin Nevada on Wed. night (great place to get $20 a night hotel rooms!)

Hope to hear from you


jkrijt 14 Oct 2007 13:56

What I did
In 2002 I hired a BMW in LA too and had a wonderfull time.
A trip report is on my homepage. Maybe it has some useful information for you.

Jan Krijtenburg homepage (Travel pages)

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