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Yannis 13 Oct 2012 18:35

South america by boat from Europe 01/2013
hello every body,

i'm planing to go south america taking a boat (big boat with containers) in "le havre" in France, and after 21 days, we will arrive in Uruguay

i did reservation for 01/2013 (will know exact dates end of ocotber)

we can put the motorbike inside and we will have a room with 2 beds, so we can share the room in order to have a better price
check prices here: Voyages to South America

Once in South America, we can travel together, or just do our own life

see u



(i traveled on 1200 Adv/Hp2 enduro in: south america, Africa, Middel east...)

jimosse 16 Oct 2012 19:45

santiago Chile is close to Uruguay
i am booking a spot on a container LA to Santiago. arrive Jan 2 or 6. travelling solo on a GSA. I have 4 months to get back home to seattle. maybe we hook up in ushuia or? Uruguay isnt that far from santiago.

I will PM you.


grazynewbie 18 Oct 2012 18:45

Hi! What coincidence that i'm looking for similar options to get there. I already ask you as a friend in FB. My first choice was to get Brazil, but as we see costs will raise too much. We can talk more in fb or here, if interested. I'm 38y old straith divorced finnish guy. Easygoing, honest and willing to split costs. Montevideo isn't so bad at all. I haven't bike yet, but 1200gsa is my first choice. I got some other problems with this stuff too cause i'm really novice by bikes and all that. If too many questions doesn't bother you, accept my add.

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